Last Thursday- despite icy rain, thundershowers, and lightning- Bushwick Daily brought the party to Bizarre for an epic pre-Valentine’e extravaganza, Fishnets & Bowties! As someone behind me proclaimed, “The Best Band in Brooklyn,” aka The Love Supreme completely rocked the evening with their 12-piece soul goodness, covering classics like “Be My Little Baby” (The Ronettes) as well as their rip-roaring single “I Want You (Don’t Wanna Talk About It).” Also on the bill was a variety show from Adriana Echandi, including contortionists, fire-breathers, and burlesque goodness. Babeland also provided a slew of giveaways, gifted to the crowd in the form of sex toys! We had an incredible time– thanks so much to everyone who made it out.

Tim Pioppo, the frontman of the amazing, The Love Supreme rockin’ the crowd. Seriously, keep an eye on this band…

Dreamy fitness wizard, John O’Mahoney.

Foxie Squire opened the night in a very sexy fashion.

“Puppy luv”…that’s for sure.

Adriana Echandi enchanting the crowd…

Varla Velour was stunning!

Hello, awesome videographer Matt DiLandro.

Oh, and this is all Liberation fitness crew. (You’ll hear more about it soon!)

Oh, and this is Sarah & Neil of Ridgewood. Also one of our Power Couples.

Rush Aaron Hicks is a professional freak at Coney Island Freak Show and fire sword swallowing is like Excel spreadsheets to him.

Sex Toy Raffle about to begin!


Just a lot of sweat, kisses and dancing. Not a bad rager 🙂


Dimitri, our mixologist/writer & Katarina, editor.

Dimitri & Allison, our art editor.

Lucia Reed taking snaps of the crazy night.