All illustrations by Dan Paul Roberts.

We keep telling you, Bushwick is filled with the creative, odd-ball characters that TV shows are made of (or should be). Local artist, Dan Paul Roberts is just one of the many talents living in the hood who also channels Bushwick in his creative process. His inspiration spawns from the real and surreal, which allows for a fun, whimsical ride into this artist’s imagination.

The “real” inspirations would be the daily grind of Dan Paul’s life, which includes lots of photography, journaling and collaboration. His surreal inspirations are influenced by magic, mermaids, monsters and dreams. His Tumblr is home to a myriad of mythical beasts and morphed creatures, both beautiful and haunting. Originally from Texas, Dan Paul has found a home here and, not surprisingly, lots of muses. His Bushwick apartment houses a basement studio where Sia has recorded, he hosts Manic Monday Karaoke at Sugarland Nightclub and still finds time to write children’s books.

We’ve collected a few of Dan Paul’s pop drag illustrations below. They’re gender-bending, snarky and feature locals who just may be your next door neighbor. We love them for their attitude, bold style and general awesomeness. Check ’em out!

Illustration of Michael Martin by Dan Paul Roberts.
Illustration of Mary Jo CamelToe by Dan Paul Roberts.
Ilustration of Thorgy Thor by Dan Paul Roberts.
Illustration of Teresa Nasty by Dan Paul Roberts.


Illustration of Mocha Lite by Dan Paul Roberts.


Illustration of Archana by Dan Paul Roberts.


See more of Dan Paul Roberts’ musings here. Maybe you are one of them!