Flames at the last BangOn!. Gif by Yamil Saade.

We’ve always raved about the times we’ve had thanks to Brooklyn-based underground party organization, BangOn! On New Years, they filled a warehouse with a carousel ride, glow art installations, and a DJ set from Yeasayer, and more recently they hosted the 3-D festival which was mind-bogglingly trippy. This weekend they’re back with a new, intimate party series called Frequency, which is in an all-new location. This weekend’s event features marble floors and chandeliers, video mapped installations, a slip’n’slide, dueling DJs, and a whole lot of booty (its theme is “Short Shorts”). We sat down with the BangOn! crew to dish some secrets about Saturday’s warehouse rager and the future of their parties.

Bushwick Daily: Frequency is a new party from BangOn! What makes this party different from your typical BangOn! party?

Timothy Monkiewicz: The primary difference between BangOn! events and Frequency is the smaller size and music on the main stage. With the music at BangOn! we try to provide something for everyone, while with Frequency we will be focusing on sexy and immersive Deep House sounds. With Frequency we will be talking some of the best elements of the BangOn! events that we have honed and mastered throughout the years, and bringing them to a smaller crowd.

BD: With the limited capacity of Frequency, tickets will sell out and entrance will be limited – AKA no rolling up the night of with 20 friends. Are you expecting a more exclusive crowd and what does that mean for the party vibe?

TM: The last BangOn! had over 4,500 attendees…We are limiting Frequency to just 900 and we expect to sell out quick, most likely before the night of the event. We expect to have a (relatively) intimate crowd of music, art and underground party lovers.


BD: The name implies this party is going to happen more than once. Will Frequency become an ongoing party series?!

TM: We’re launching this series so we can throw events whenever we have a free month in between larger BangOn! events. We like the idea of being able to do a smaller production during slower months like July, November, and December through March. If a larger name artist we love happens to be in town, we would love to do produce a party based around their performance.

BD: Your party this weekend takes place in a TBA location. Can we get a hint? Is it within walking distance from Bushwick?

TM: Its off the Lorimer or Flushing J Train stop  – E. Williamsburg/Bushwick line. You’ll like it.

BD: The space sounds incredibly dope. Can you tell us any secrets about the venue?

TM: The venue has a secret library on the 2nd floor, in which we will be doing something very fun for a very limited amount of people at one time.

BD: Are you planning on hosting future parties there or will you jump around in typical underground party fashion?

TM: We’re known for producing events in brand new spaces, and producing them from scratch. We love to hop around, but if we have too much fun at this spot…you never know.

BD: What is the BangOn! crew most excited to see on Saturday?

TM: The BangOn! Crew is extremely excited to actually be able to join the party!  With our recent massive events we have been running around most of the night problem solving and putting out (metaphorical) fires, and hardly get to enjoy the party ourselves. Look for us on the dance floor!


From the FREQUENCY press release:

Saturday, August 17th / FREQUENCY: A new party from the producers of BangOn! / Location to be revealed, Near the Flushing Ave J/M train station, or Flushing Ave G train station. /10pm-6am / $20-$30  /21+ 

As the signature BangOn! events have grown larger and less frequent, we are introducing a new party: FREQUENCY. We’ll be focusing on deep house and eclectic new dance sounds emerging in New York City. They’ll be held in new, spectacular, underground venues that you’ve never seen before, and feature cutting edge sound systems, lighting displays, and video mapping.

All FREQUENCY events will be limited to a 750-1,000 person capacity, and are extremely likely to sell out. Advance tickets are highly encouraged.

Our first event will feature an air-conditioned indoor main stage with marble floors, a chandelier, real bathrooms, plus a large outdoor area with dueling DJ’s atop the Boombox Van playing through sunrise. We’ll also have a slip ‘n slide, LED pixel wall, video mapped installations, and secret art and performance projects hidden throughout the venue.

This FREQUENCY party will be The Short Shorts Edition. Short shorts are highly encouraged, scissors will be available at the door.


Low Pitch Orchestra

Rambo Springsteen

PjOE (Avant Muse)

Lenvi x Don Clark (Night Vision/Bass Squad)

The Golden Pony

RLLY THO (Strong Bros)

david hohme (Avant Muse)

Sean Glass


Matt FX



+Full lineup TBA

Location revealed with ticket purchase:

or confirmed RSVP: