Social media are buzzing about an explosion that occurred apparently at the corner of Evergreen Ave and Jefferson Street less than an hour ago. We are trying to find out what exactly happened, and we’ll keep you posted as soon as we find out more. The witnesses say it sounded like a bomb but it could have been an electrical glitch. Let’s hope that nobody got hurt!

Holy hell, a bomb went off two doors down from me; outside is packed with firetrucks and tons of smoke and it’s apocalyptically pouring — Jeremy Gordon (@jeremypgordon) August 13, 2013


CITIZEN JOURNALISM — Jeremy Gordon (@jeremypgordon) August 13, 2013

UPDATE: Now FDNY tweets it was a manhole fire. Apparently no injuries.

@StyleIT @ChristRobbins @kittaveli It’s a manhole fire (we only post all-hands fires and above on @Twitter). Waiting for ConEd now. — FDNY (@FDNY) August 13, 2013

UPDATE: More pics from the scene!

The Bushwick bomb turned out to be an uneventful manhole fire… At least it got me out of the house

— A.M. (@dullcommunism) August 13, 2013