The Riders Alliance Wants Bushwick Residents to Offer Solutions to L Train Closure

MTA Chief of Staff Donna Evans. Gustavo Ponce for Bushwick Daily.

Organizations like the L Train Coalition and the Riders Alliance are making sure Bushwick voices are heard in the ongoing debate surrounding the now inevitable L train closure. Repairs to the Canarsie tubes are set to begin in 2019, nearly seven years after Superstorm Sandy blew through the city, damaging MTA infrastructure. But even if you weren’t able to attend the public meeting with the MTA in Williamsburg last week, you can still fill out a short survey voicing your opinion about the closure.

Even though we know repairs have to get done somehow, there is still no consensus regarding what the repair schedule will look like. The MTA can either choose a partial or a full closure. Masha Burina, Community Organizer for the Riders Alliance, says that the organization wants “to hear from the commuters for whom the L is their lifeline” by asking which option would be best for them.

The short survey, which can be found here, will take you almost no time to complete and will help the Riders Alliance and the L Train Coalition prepare for the next L train shutdown meeting taking place in Manhattan on Thursday at the Salvation Army Theater at 5:30pm.

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