By Katarina Hybenova, Maria Gotay, Wesley Salazar, Paul Hiam and Terri Ciccone

Are you broke, but yet you’re hoping to please your loved ones with a breathtaking holiday gift? Oh well… the solution should be sought in our beloved township of Bushwick! The editors of Bushwick Daily went gift-shopping and found these amazing items that should not be missed under any Xmas tree! Come, and enjoy the holidays, in the (in)famous Bushwick style!

[box type=”tick” border=”full”]#1 Fighting Cock Sculpture


@Dollar Store at Knickerbocker and Troutman

“Now, cockfights can be inspiring to me on a daily basis, thanks to “The Mirella Collection.”


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[box type=”tick” border=”full”]#2 Print from Eric Trosko



“Basically, it’s a steal not to get your own set of alien ducks by local artist, Eric Trosko. Go check out our sister project, the 1st internet-based gallery in Bushwick!”


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[box type=”tick” border=”full”] #3 Grocery gift card


@Hana Natural Food Store at Wycoff Ave

“You know you’re broke when you ask for a giftcard to a grocery store, BUT now I can get the exact perfect type of peppermint soap I’ve always dreamed of, sample those Spicy Miso Kale Chips I’ve wanted, while still having money leftover to get some Tofu Pups.” [/box]

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[box type=”tick” border=”full”]#4 Hat with feathers

$35 and up

@Better Than Jam at The Loom

“Better than Jam is a great store for unexpected gifts. The shop features clothing, jewelery, accessories and other items from local designers and artists. I fell in love with the hat selection at the shop. Each one is different and acts as it’s own unique art piece. I’d like to give a cute hat like this to a friend because it’s rare to find one item that can transform a wardrobe as one of these accessories can. Happy shopping!”


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[box type=”tick” border=”full”]#5 Bag of organic coffee


@Little Skips online store

“Before I fly home for the holidays, I’ll be sure to pick up a bag of Little Skips’ Espresso Rustico as a gift for my family. By which I mean I’ll pick up a bag of Espresso Rustico as a gift for myself. I’m gonna need the caffeine boost to get through our annual tradition – an unbearably a cappella rendition of The 12 Days of Christmas.”


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[box type=”tick” border=”full”] #6 Fabio Exercise Video Tape


@Urban Jungle at Knickerbocker

“Great gift for couples! What can be better than to give your loved one a gift of beautiful Fabio-like body? You both benefit, and furthermore you can exercise together in front of TV! I know, Bushwick Daily has a relationship solution for everyone!”


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[box type=”tick” border=”full”]#7 Sweater with reindeer


@Urban Jungle at Knickerbocker

“Urban Jungle is a great place for purchase of incredibly awesome cuddly sweaters. My choice this year is a reindeer pattern!”


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[box type=”tick” border=”full”]#8 3rd Ward discounted membership


@ 3rd Ward

“With about a %20 discount on lots of arts and studio classes, 3rd Ward membership gets you also cooking classes, foreign languages and much more. With membership comes access to a cool studio workspaces and resources and the chance to catch many interesting events.This is perfect for those of us with artistic leanings, a DIY attitude and an interest in meeting and collaborating with like minded individuals.”


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[box type=”tick” border=”full”]#9 Engagement ring from pawn shop


@Pawn Shop at Myrtle Ave

“Are you getting ready for a big step but don’t have a single dime? Myrtle Ave’s pawn shop has a great solution of used engagement rings. It’s nowhere as easy to make a big commitment as in Bushwick!”


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[box type=”tick” border=”full”]#10 Color contact lenses


@Clothing store at Knickerbocker and Stockholm

“Just imagine how much fun it would be to change your eye color to red or purple! And now you can give all this joy to your loved ones. From Bushwick, straight to your eyeball, and then to your heart….”


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