By Mariya Pylayev

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center is no 3rd Ward, but those clipboard-toting, goggle-wearing folk sure know how to throw a good party. The medical students behind Wyckoff Wednesdays invited us to check out their bi-weekly program at the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Center, which services NYC seniors over the ages of 60.

The morning began with a routine screening of blood pressure and blood glucose levels. Students practiced their basic clinical skills and talked to seniors about high-risk conditions like diabetes and hypertension. After the screening, they had lunch and played bingo or pool.

At 1 p.m., once the last of the seniors were cared for, everyone gathered in the cafeteria. The deejay dived right into the first song and every able-bodied person, with the exception of yours truly, grabbed someone and began dancing.

Med student and event organizer Simarpreet Kaur told us that she always encourages her male peers to volunteer some of their time on Wednesday afternoons. “The ladies, they love the guys,” she said, laughing. The students were equally enthusiastic. They volunteered to be there, after all.

We just want to say kudos to the student council at the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center for putting together such a functional and enjoyable service for our seniors. In light of current financial troubles faced by many Brooklyn hospitals, including Bushwick’s own, we hope this is one service we won’t lose.

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