By Katarina Hybenova

“Tremendous success!”

“We couldn’t ask for a better party!”

“Goodness! Everything about the party was so good!”


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Those are only a couple of many many happy cheers we heard about Bushwick Daily Holiday Party last Friday at Paper Swan Loft! And we couldn’t agree more! The party was simply amazing! We celebrated in the loving home atmosphere of Paper Swan Loft with amazing writers reading, tremendous bands playing and lovely art hanging, in the company of friends and the dear ones.

Writers Zuska Kepplova, Maria Modrovich and Paul Rome read their stories, with background sounds and music, inspired by Paul Rome’s reading performances. The effect of such reading was tremendous, and the entire audience was instantly transported from Paper Swan loft to Budapest where Zuska Kepplova’s character was waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of sirens and experiencing a lesbian encounter after a recent break up; or to a Bushwick home restaurant where the ladies of Maria Modrovich are selling not only delicious dinners; or a Bushwick intersection where Paul Rome’s character unsuccessfully makes a move on a girl.

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In the dim light of Christmas lights, 3 amazing bands played acoustic music causing our hearts to melt. We danced, drunk and talked while Myles ManleyFree Advice and The Vagabond Bailsmen played amazing music.

Above that all, amazing art pieces on the wall from Nate Anspaugh, Julie Torres and Eric Trosko were perfectioning the atmosphere dearly. Amazing art came offline for one night only from the 1st Internet-based gallery in Bushwick,

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Thanks again to all who came and chipped in with their nice energy to the overall lovely atmosphere! But most of all, thank you to Paper Swan collective, who shared their home with us! Here is a little holiday greeting from them: How to Decorate a Xmas Tree:

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