It happened. 2016 arrived and it’s finally a glimpse of real winter and clearly everyone is miserable, though slightly relieved, right? We aren’t super frosty yet, but it’s getting there. So cheer up, it is supposed to be a little warmer this weekend! You can bundle up and make your way to some sweet shows. This weekend’s shows present the possibilities to see several great bands, dance to some fun music, and do your new years the way you meant to do it! So push through the cold and get out there!

#7 Pinegrove, Vundabar, Washer, Paper Streets @ Shea Stadium, 20 Meadow St. (THURS  8PM, $8)

It’s always pretty toasty in Shea stadium; or you can keep your coat on and rock out anyway! Enjoy some melodic, indie rock tunes by Massachusetts band Vundabar and get down with the lo-fi sounds of Washer.

#6 Oh My Rockness + Baby’s present: NYC’s Hardest-Working Bands of 2015 @ Baby’s All Right, 146 Broadway (SAT 4PM, $12 ADV/$15 @door)

Oh My Rockness and Baby’s All Right are hosting this awesome show that if you get there early, you will get to travel in daylight, when the sun may still be shining in the cold dead sky. But hey! Vomitface and Pill and a bunch of other super rad bands will be performing and you could be there too!

#5 Glazzies, Early Spring, Heavy Birds, Flower Girl @ Silent Barn, 603 Bushwick Ave. (SUN 8PM, $8)

Sunday is a good day to check out some mellow music at Silent Barn. Swaying and dancing to the grunge-y songs of Glazzies and the drone-y tines of Heavy Birds will surely keep you warm.

#4 Honduras and The Beverleys Tour Send-off @ Mercury Lounge, 217 E. Houston Street (SAT 10:30PM, $10)

This show may be in Manhattan, but it’s definitely worth going to see these two bands before they head off for tour. It may be chilly, but you will definitely get sweaty dancing to the blistering jams of Honduras.

#3 The Teen Age, Thick, Super American, He Who Does It @ IDIO Gallery, 976 Grand Street Studio D (FRI 8PM, $5)

If you go by the show poster, there is no way that one will be cold at this rad show full of melodic punk and garage rock!

#2 Such Hounds, Winstons, Gunfight!, Simpler Times @ Shea Stadium, 20 Meadow St. (SAT 8PM, $8)

What a stellar lineup! Your Saturday night should be pretty toasty if you come out to hear all of these fantastic bands!

#1 7th Annual New Years Do-Over Party @ Alphaville, 140 Wilson Ave. (FRI 9PM, $5-10 Suggested Donation)

If you’ve never been to the New Years Do-Over party, it’s time to start. If your NYE did not go as planned, the folks at Alphaville have taken it upon themselves to host the 7th annual Do-Over party so that you can shape your night exactly as you wanted. The show promises to feature amazing DJ acts such as a set by FUTURE PUNX, as well as DJ Girl Jamie and DJ Tassy. There will also be live performances by OCDPP (mems. Xray Eyeballs, Vivian Girls, Dum Dum Girls) and a special guest! They also might have hot toddies. In conclusion, this is Bushwick Daily’s recommendation: go to all the shows, make your repeat new years the best it can be, and keep on moving as the temperatures keep dropping!