Take Uber for $2.75 This and Next Weekend From Morgan L to Manhattan

Have you already banged your ugly roommate because the L train is really annoying on the weekends? Well, call that ugly romance quits because Uber will give you a ride along the L for a mere subway fare.

Our fave councilmember, Antonio Reynoso, who represents Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Ridgewood, teamed up with Uber to offer stranded L train riders new relief for the last two weeks of the L train shutdown: flat fare of $2.75 on all uberPOOL rides along the L train–matching a subway fare.

The MTA is shutting down the L line from the 8th Avenue-14th Street stop in Manhattan to Lorimer Street in Brooklyn during weekends through May 18, which didn’t make Bushwick businesses exactly optimistic. So hopefully this Reynoso-Uber initiative will make it a little bit better for them even though it doesn’t apply to Bushwick and Ridgewood L train stops past Morgan Ave (see below). 

The discount applies only to trips starting and ending in the area as highlighted below between 11:30pm on Fridays until 5am on Mondays, from May 8 – May 18.


How does uberPOOL work?

Open your app

Select the uberPOOL option at the bottom of your screen


You may be matched with another rider going the same way

Whether or not you’re matched, your fare to or from Brooklyn along the L Line will cost no more than $2.75

Additionally, if you take an UberPOOL to Williamsburg’s Meatball Shop, you get a free ice cream sandwich.

 photo: Joel Bischoff

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