Instagram Takeover – Eric Zeender – Beginnings – Cafe Ghia

Oh how we love new beginnings. Whether it’s a new job, new book, new season, new relationship or new day, a beginning is a hopeful, exciting and just plain rad thing. When guest Insta-Takeover photographer, Eric Zeender, declared his theme for the week, he set out to inspire. And inspire he did. (He inspired me to go to the beach last weekend and it was awesome. Thanks for the sunburn, Eric!) So let’s see what kind of “beginnings” Eric caught on camera. Scroll down for some highlights, including ladies reading books, exploring neighborhood haunts for the first time, and friends working on new projects.

Next up is guest photographer Elizabeth Fisher, who studied art at Brown University before leaving to pursue a career in film and television. Elizabeth began documenting her experience of NYC three years ago in a series called #nyinblackandwhite – neighborhood to neighborhood, film set to film set. At the time, she was living in the Eldert Street lofts in Bushwick; she’s excited to bring the project full circle, back to its roots, and capture the timelessness of our neighborhood and its people in classic Black & White.

She says, “I love art that celebrates communities and find that where it is woven into the thread of an area you often find stronger communities. I hope that with the makers renaissance…more and more communities will start to recognize the value of their local makers. What we make is how we tell our stories, art throughout history has told stories, and it is important that we never stop making!”

Head over to the Bushwick Daily Instagram page to see Eric’s take on “Beginnings,” as well as Elizabeth’s new shots!

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