In case you don’t have the pleasure to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup from Brazil, we have some good news for you. At least a dozen of Bushwick establishments will be showing World Cup with an absolute dedication and the best atmosphere comparable to the one of Sao Paolo! We hand-picked seven of the hottest spots for you to join the madness starting tomorrow with a kickoff match of Brazil vs. Croatia! So get ready because this madness happens only once in four years, and god knows your team needs your support!

#1 The Rookery: Your Anglo-American Football-Soccer Obsession

The Rookery flag. (image via The Rookery Facebook)

We have a total love affair with The Rookery going on since the first day we saw people working on what used to be an old garage on Troutman St. Now this lovely establishment will be showing the World Cup matches per schedule on their website, and offering $5 Belhaven Black during every game; pitchers of Pimm’s cup during every England game, and free Nathan’s hot dogs on the grill every America game! Cheers!

#2 Bunna: Ethiopians love soccer too!

In a friendly atmosphere with Sam Severance and friends, this Ethiopian eatery promises special events as well as (unidentified) drink specials.

#3 Guacuco Hot Dogs: Venezuelan Cup!

Venezuela may not be playing this year, however that doesn’t mean Guacuco Hot Dog would miss something as special as World Cup! Enjoy soccer matches with drink specials and a big delicious hot dog in your mouth.

#4 Falansai: French Vietnamese Goool!

Clay Pot Catfish (Photo by Alexandra Uzik for Bushwick Daily)

Falansai, a French-Vietnamese cuisine delight is so committed to soccer they will remain open every single day of the Word Cup including Mondays (their usual day off). Follow them on Facebook for updates!

#5 The Anchored Inn: World Cup with a black eye!

The Anchored Inn, the loud and divey watering hole with a surprisingly good Mexican food, will be showing every single one of the matches on (a) simple TV or (b) ridiculous 120 inch HD screen! Drink specials include Special Phrosty Phlavors inspired by the victors!

#6 Gallery Bar: Two big ass projectors in Bed-Stuy!

Gallery Bar (photo by courtesy of the owner)

A beautiful new bar at 1056 Broadway will have food and beers/spirits to accompany two huge screens to project the soccer madness. So buckle up and enjoy!

#7 Gottscheer Beer Hall: Germany might actually win!

At Gottscheer (photo by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily)

Guys, if you’re in Ridgewood; if you’re rooting for Germany and most importantly if you like a good cold Franziskaner, you simply must pay a visit to the classiest German beer hall around, Gottscheer!