Only one week after we were celebrating the DIY festival culture of

Paper Swan



, we have to sadly inform you that tonight is your last chance to experience it. Travis Steward, of Paper Swan collective, informed us that 260 Moore LLC Management with a ‘little help’ of NYPD shut down the Paper Swan Loft after 3 and half years of almost monthly live music events in their living room.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t the neighbors’ complaining about loud music that caused the trouble, it was the graffiti on the walls that the attendees were regularly leaving in the building at 260 Moore.

However, Paper Swan collective continues their production activities outside the loft and additionally, it was allowed to throw one last party in their loft, which takes place tonight. The line up as follows:

cuddle magic • cal folger day • the appleseed collective • scott rudd

Who: Paper Swan Collective

What: The Last Party at Paper Swan Loft

When: Saturday, May 14

Where: 260 Moore St, #301

Plume Giant at Melodica Fest Brooklyn from Paper Swan on Vimeo.