Bushwick Daily, in collaboration with the blog of

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, is bringing you an insight to the Bushwick artists and spaces getting ready for

Bushwick Open Studios 2011

. Ray Henders told us all about his plans.

Where are you located?

My studio, Rayographix Digital, is located at 885 Willoughby Ave. #503.

What kind art do you do?

I’m a former rock ‘n’ roll photographer, and lately I’ve been shooting black and white street photography with my Holga. I am also a fine art large format digital printer and I print for galleries and artists for exhibitions.

Are you doing anything special for Bushwick Open Studios?

Of course I am! Henry Glucroft from Little Skips and I planned together to make Willoughby more artsy, to put it more on the map, because last year nobody really came here. So I decided to split my space here in #503 in half and use half of my space to show my personal work and the collection of art I have accumulated through my printing work in the other half. In addition, in the lobby of my building there is going to be another artist, Twyla Feinbloom and she brands patterns onto leather and sews them onto wood. It’s really cool. So she’ll be downstairs showing and also selling her work.

What song do you sing in the shower?

Hahahaha. I sing Hammer by Bob Marley.

Find Ray Henders and his studio in BOS ’11 Listing and Directory is here.