Skytown (Photo by peter Dressel)

This morning DNAinfo’s Meredith Hoffman reports Bushwick’s Community Board 4 has decided that going forward, all liquor licenses in the neighborhood will be subject to a 12 a.m. curfew on Sunday nights. That means after midnight on Sundays, the drinks will stop being poured. But how will we be able to start the week off right without our weekly Sunday evening drinking contest at Tandem?? Read on for the ruling.

The decision, which was made last Wednesday at the monthly public meeting held at the Hope Gardens Multi-Service Center at 195 Linden Street, comes in the wake of controversy surrounding CB4’s practice of witholding liquor license information from the public, an issue recently resolved by pressure placed on the board after coverage from DNAinfo exposed the practice. With the influx of bars in Bushwick’s always-residential streets, there’s been little enforcement with keeping noise levels low, and that’s gotten to many residents.

While the new rule is obviously not going to be too popular with area bars, it will be interesting to see how the policy, which is just advisory unless approved by the State Liquor Authority, plays out going forward. For the moment, hopefully it won’t cramp anyone’s style too hard to make alternative plans for wee-hour school night highball consumption. Read more about the decision here, where local bar owners of Skytown and The Bodega / Heavy Woods weighed in.

Courtsey of CB4’s Website

Curious about what goes on at a CB4 Meeting? Community Boards have an important advisory role in dealing with land use and zoning matters, the City budget, municipal service delivery and many other matters relating to their communities’ welfare. You should stop by. They’re held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, and they start at 6pm; through July they’ll be at Hope Gardens and after that they’ll be at 1420 Bushwick Avenue. Check out the CB4 site for more info.