The J train stop at Flushing Ave. Waddup Woodhull??

Last week we told you the ways the L train can be triflin‘. In our comments section, readers ended up showing some love for its parallel sister train, the J! Though it has a bad rap, the J/M/Z  train line is actually pretty dope- it runs frequently, rarely has back-ups and delays like the L and it spans a lot of territory. While the L train has its selling points, here are quite a few ways the J train totally trumps the L.

Personal space: Do you like it when your train is harder to get into than a Saturday at the Boom Boom Room? –Of course you don’t!! While the J train isn’t exactly a picnic at McCarren Park during rush hour, it  feels like one compared to the L, which is just a straight up sardine-can. You can stand without touching at least 3 undesirable characters, or even (gasp!) grab a seat!

The M Train at 8 a.m. on a Tuesday. RUFRIGGINKIDDINME??

It’s above ground: As commenter Sean pointed out on last week’s article, “One thing I always enjoyed about the J train was cell-service while riding into Manhattan. Always offered the chance to pop off those ‘I’m running late’ texts and simultaneously blame the J” (in real time).  Nuff’ said, Sean. Nuff said. Riding this line frees up some great email-checking time, too.

The M train option: If you live between the Myrtle and Marcy stops, not only do you have the J, you have the M train. During the week, the M brings you to essential spots in Manhattan like the LES, and if you’re about the office kind of life, places like Rockefeller Center. But even if you don’t live off these stops, fret not–you can still catch the M from any of these stations on the exact same platform which is simply grand for those of us who don’t like doing their cardio on subway stairs.

Nice views: The J/M/Z train has a breathtaking ride over the Williamsburg bridge, with views of Manhattan’s east side and all the way down to the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. It’s a little know benefit of train riding that has yet to make it into a tourist tips guidebook .

View of Manhattan and Brooklyn going over the bride. Duel-city chiller yo.

Direct AirTrain transfer: Know what friggin sucks? Traveling on a long-ass trip where you missed your layover and then you have to take multiple trains to get home at 1 in the a.m. At least if you live off the J, you can take it direct to the AirTrain to get to & fro to JFK instead of lifting your damn suitcase up and down a bajillion stairs at Broadway Junction. Hopefully you’re going to the JetBlue terminal to enjoy some cocktails and the Boar’s Head kiosk: an O.G. of Bushwick!

Shit runs express: The J runs express, and the Z runs even more express. Seriously, L. Get it together.

So what do YOU think? Does the J train trump the L overall? Which line do you prefer? Drop a note in the comments to get the conversation going!