The latest artist to land on our radar is the female rapper going by the name Awkwafina. We’re all for educated, witty females poking fun and attacking the heavily male dominated music industry. Girls just want to have fun and this 24 year old woman repping Queens knows just how to play. Her latest single, “My Vag” is a smart and catchy parody of that macho tune we all reluctantly had stuck in our heads a while back- – Mickey Avalon’s “My Dick“. “It’s a celebration of women,” Awkwafina said. “There aren’t a lot of songs out there talking about vaginas in an in-your-face kind of way.”

Awkwafina is a LaGuardia High School veteran and Harvard Law School graduate who decided to put Corporate America on the back burner to pursue her artistic endeavors outside of the bull pen. As you may know LaGuardia High has paved the way for well-known female rappers Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks. Residing in Brooklyn, Awkwafina keeps it thorough by means of lyrical comedic relief. Rapping about anything – from flu shots and HIV, to Patty Mayonnaise and sippin’ on Stoli and Capri Suns – she’s definitely our type of caliber.

Her latest track picking up buzz  is “My Vag“, a blunt attack at the Mickey Avalon song “My Dick” from a few years back. Awkwafina pretty much takes him to school proving that men aren’t the only rappers who can comment about in a comedic (yet prideful) way about genitals. When the video for My Vag originally dropped, Awkwafina received a bit of flack from those easily offended by someone talking about their vagina in a way that doesn’t compare it to a precious rose of a genital. But then Buzzfeed claimed that she’d “Immediately be Your New Favorite Rapper” and her video was actually picked up by feminist websites The Hairpin and The Frisky. And while some people remain offended by her ludeness, she says that’s just her, and her goal is to make people laugh. “Other female rappers are overly sexual, have no wit, and their lyrics are so generic,” Awkwafina said (to the Daily Beast) “I want to change the game to make rap that shows I’m not a normal female rapper—it’s not about how rich I am, how much sex I have, or how many boyfriends I have. That’s just not me.”

So, what does she have to say about her Vag exactly? Watch the video below and read over some of our fave lude comparisons….

While “My Vag” feels like an analogy question from an SAT test…

“My vag speak 5 different languages and told your vag, bitch make me a sandwich.”

“My vag feels like winning the lottery, your shit got turned down from eHarmony.”

“My vag a Beyonce weave, your vag a polyester Kmart hair piece.”

“My vag bounce like J Lo’s booty, your vag like James Lipton’s booty.”

“My vag is Godfather 1, and your vag is Godfather 3.”

Over here at Bushwick Daily, we feel no need to label her – Asian, Lesbian, Straight, Feminist, Hipster or whatever other stereotype the media world has felt inclined to appropriate. Her confident flow and demeanor are very reminiscent of a Pussy Galore/Bitch Don’t kill My Vibe and we think she’s got a big future in the radio waves. Keep your ears pressed as Awkwafina will make sure to splash into your deep end of trivial musical equations.