Now that your short film or a video art piece is nicely edited and ready to be seen, you are probably asking yourself: Where to submit and what to expect?

We have two awesome open calls for you: Cinema Club and Microscope Gallery.

Cinema Club: Watch your short film in a movie theater!

Cinema Club are Juna Skenderi, David Lombroso and Cedric Antonio Todd, and they will project your short film in a movie theater! IndieScreen on Kent Ave is one of the lesser-known theaters in North Brooklyn – but that doesn’t mean it’s not fabulous. To the contrary! IndieScreen is a really incredible movie theater that once used to be a grunge music venue. One Sunday night per month, IndieScreen is taken over by Cinema Club who screen short films discovered through a rolling open call. “There are so many incredible shorts made in New York,” explained Juna who does programming at Cinema Club. “Shorts are not particularly lucrative. It costs a lot of money to make them and sometimes even more submit them to festivals,” Juna continued explaining why it’s free to submit to Cinema Club. “And once you get into festivals, you almost never get a chance to watch your film with your colleagues and friends because the festivals are usually not in New York.”

Next on their schedule are music videos and submissions are still accepted!

Even if you don’t have a film to submit, it’s really nice to simply attend a night with Cinema Club and enjoy excellent short films and lovely company of other New York filmmakers.


Microscope Gallery: Now What (Open call for film/video/performance)

Microscope Gallery might be micro but we assure you they are big on their awesomeness! Based at Charles Pl., right behind coffee shop Little Skips, Microscope is specializing in film and time-based media. We love that they do open calls here and there, because that allows them to discover new talent and to keep their programming fresh. Microscope Gallery is now accepting  film, video, and new media submissions of all types and formats, as well as live expanded cinema or film/video performances for a one-day event of programs. Works under 15 minutes (screening) or 30 minutes (performance) completed within the past year are preferred.

Now What is on schedule on January 7, 2013 and the deadline to submit is December 10, 2012.


Good luck!