Finally, one of the moments we’ve been waiting for. The Wick, located at 260 Meserole and attached to The Well venue/beer garden, is finally open! And, even better, it’s packed full of good shows now through summer. The massive venue (8,000 square feet in fact) opened in a prime location- on the same block as Main Drag Music’s Bushwick Supply shop and Sweat Shop Rehearsal Studios. The space is minimal, industrial and feels almost unfinished– perfect match for the architecture of East Williamsburg.

The Wick used to be a brewery, and it’s obvious when you walk into the still-raw building. The building has an old, unfinished chic appearance– the walls are made of patchy exposed brick and the doorways to the bar and coat check area are simply openings in the exposed brick. The decor here is extremely minimal, basically non-existent; the space is lit with hanging bulbs, clip lights, a few colored bulbs on the stage, and the most notable ambiance is made possible by – what else – a disco ball. The Wick also sports a full, but simple, bar (with no plumbing, as overheard from a bartender), and a large outdoor patio with a food truck.

It’s only been open for about three weeks, and we’ve already been to two shows – Liars and A Place to Bury Strangers – and must say, we’ve fallen in love with this venue. It embodies Bushwick in ways that many new business ventures don’t: by maintaining and cherishing the charm in raw industrial blocks, plus bringing impeccable booking and a great sound system to the area.

Check out the upcoming show calendar here (including a sweet show on June 7 from O’Death and Viet Nam), and follow them on facebook for updates.

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