It’s always difficult to decide on the best 5-10 shows to feature for our weekly recommended shows column. With Bushwick’s music scene taking off, we’ve always got way more than enough great music to choose from. Now, more than ever, we’ve got a beautiful variety of venues where you can wave your hands all around – i.e. professional (Paper Box), pizza shop (La Piazetta), DIY house venue (Silent Barn), club (Boss Nova Civic Club) and even a graffitied 1-room venue (Big Snow) – for you to visit.

#6 Dragons of Zynth, The Phantom Family Halo, Lushes, IYEZ @ Big Snow (Friday, $8, 9 pm)

Indescribable Dragons of Zynth smoosh together rock, jazz, and experimental rock to create something fuzzy, beachy, and (amongst the waves of noise) calming, wandering, and pretty. Check out their ocean of noise at Big Snow on Friday.


 #5 Miniboone, Crazy Pills, Jane Eyre, Wilder Maker @ The Paper Box (Saturday, 9 pm, $10)

We love the roomy, friendly feel of The Paper Box. We also love the high energy, quirky jams from local band Miniboone. All comes together perfectly at this showcase on Saturday, which also features catchy girl-fronted Crazy Pills and novel-riffic rockers Jane Eyre.

#4 PC Worship, Pop. 1280, Burning Star Core, Diamond Guardian Diffusion, Ducktails (DJ Set) @ Silent Barn (Saturday, 9 pm, $?)

PC Worship is a psychedelic drone band whose performance is pretty unforgettable. Following in suit, the other bands at the LP Release party are also spacey, trippy, and on the verge of breaking something. This show will sell out, so get there early.

#3 THE BOMBER JACKET One-year anniversary w/ Cymbals Eat Guitars, Grooms, Pretty & Nice, and Maquina Supervium @ Shea Stadium (Saturday, 9 pm, $10)

If free Brooklyn Brewery beer from 8-9 pm isn’t enough to get your attention, check out this starstudded emotional-laden rock/pop lineup, with Cymbals Eat Guitars and Groomes, both of whom have been making headlines for the past few years. Expect a crowd of fun, social people, after all it’s a celebration of The Bomber Jacket, an online music publication dedicated to fairness in music that was started in Berlin and has since made a comfy home in Bushwick. Tickets here.


Some great local bands are headlining this vibey show at La Piazette, the new pizza joint turned venue up on Grand Street. There’s something irresistibly glam about Punks on Mars, who rock hard and channel equal parts imaginative dork and punk rocker. Backing them up is way-better-than-your-typical-punk-band Honduras, who we’ve been keeping our eyes on, and Life Size Maps, who exist mostly in our communal Bushwick Daily heart.

#1 CAPRICORN: TIM SWEENEY, MIKE SIMONETTI, DUST @ Bossa Nova Civic Club (Saturday, FREE, get there before 11pm)

Warning: This party is gonna get out of control. They’ve described the notoriety of headliner  Tim Sweeney, who runs Beats in Space radio show and is signed to DFA Records, on their event page: “The first time Tim Sweeney ever played my former venue it was so intense that roughly a dozen NYPD vice squad haters raided the spot and threw me and my fellow rave facilitators in jail. The second time we booked him the party hit capacity (350 people) during the opening DJ’s set.” So, pregame early, arrive early, and if you’re lucky you’ll be staying late.