Photos courtesy of Katey and Michael

As I recently reported, I hosted a Match-Up Mash-Up Game Show at the Bushwick Daily’s FANTASTIC Valentine’s Day Apocalypse Party at Bushwick Coffee House. Besides the game show, there was a DJ! And art! And best of all, there were all the Bushwick Daily people in one place at the same time! All in all, it was a really great time.

So back to the topic at hand – the matching up of the Bushwick Valentine’s Day Apocalypse Party Match-Up Mash-Up contestants.

Dr. Lisa’s Match Up Mash Up in progress. Photo courtesy of Dr. Lisa’s friend

There were three couples matched up with the help of art world star couple, Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw. I brought them in because they are a happening couple and therefore living proof that they know how to make good matches. After Jennifer and Paul matched couples up, I grilled them and passed judgment on whether I thought they were a likely pair. If I wasn’t convinced that they would be, I would throw that person back into the crowd and Jennifer and Paul would have to pick again.

KateyMichael WInning5

This all makes me sound like a horrible person, right? Well yes, right you are. But quite honestly everyone was a great sport and we all had a good time. Plus, people who didn’t know one another before got to meet and ice was broken. Therefore, I have rationalized all my evil doings.

The audience voted Katey and Michael to be the winning couple. I like them both very much and they are good-looking, so Katey and Michael won a gift certificate for a dinner at Tandem. (Big shout out to Tandem for gift certificate as well as Raw+Fine plus Babeland for contestant prizes – thank you!)

From my casual observance as a self-proclaimed psychotherapist, they seemed like they would definitely have a nice time. Although it was hard for me to determine their chemistry through their appearance alone, they appeared to be the most mature of the couples, not just in age but in comportment. When people act like grownups, it’s harder for me to make a quick judgment on if they would wind up in the sack or not.

I sent them a questionnaire to find out the details for you all. I think they will for sure have a friendship, which is always a good way to start out a marriage. Holy shit, did I just say marriage? Kidding!

Here are Michael’s answers with the questions I sent him:

Name: Michael

Age: 33

Occupation: Insurance Actuary

Please describe your dating situation/status previous to this particular adventure.

I’ve dated as opportunities presented themselves, but I’m quite comfortable single.

What was your first impression of Katey and how did that change after your date?

Katey is not your prototypical Bushwick girl, not even close. Within the first 3 minutes of meeting Katey, I brought up politics and religion and our views were very far apart. But over the course of our date, it turned out her positions weren’t as extreme as they originally seemed. We’ll make a liberal of her yet.

How awkward was this whole situation—any funny/strange moments?

The match-up was probably the strangest part of the experience.  Here was a pool of girls and a pool of guys and three couples were to be matched based on answers to questions like “What is your favorite animal?” and “Do you like drinking?”

How is Katey alike or different from a girl you would normally pick out for yourself?

I rather look forward on relationships than back, but I liked Katey right away.

Describe your date briefly.

We went out to Tandem on Wednesday night and made good use of the gift certificate. She ordered the meatballs; I had the grilled cheese sandwich. Conversation spanned wide and narrow. Rarely you meet a girl so open about her feelings, so willing to share her dreams, and admit her shortcomings. There was definitely something genuine in Katey.

What do you really like about Katey and what do you think you have in common with her?

I found Katey dedicated, kind, and exceptionally generous. Just a pleasant person to spend time with. We both think big and have a strong appreciation for Bushwick.

Are there any red flags about Katey that you picked up or are wary of?

###      (Dr. Lisa’s note: What does “###” mean I wonder?)

 Romantic or otherwise—do you think you’ll be making plans to get together with Katey again in the near future?


And here are Katey’s responses to the same questionnaire:

Name: Katey

Age: 31

Occupation: Curator

Please describe your dating situation/status previous to this particular adventure in a nutshell.

I would say my situation in recent years has been marginally sad to very sad…I have been in a couple two-year relationships that dragged out 1.5 years longer than they should have, plus some flings and hurt feelings and a few futile attempts at revenge on the male race. I am coming off a pretty rough week so the timing of this questionnaire is pretty bad.

What was your first impression of Michael and how did that change after your date?

My first impression of Michael is my current impression of Michael, I think. He is intelligent and thoughtful and, after Saturday, perhaps a little funnier than I first gleaned.

How awkward was this whole situation—any funny/strange moments?

Nothing awkward really or too funny that I can remember. On Saturday, he came out to the Moore Street Market to help with family day with the Arts in Bushwick, which was great. And I had a meeting cancel afterwards, so we were able to spend a few more hours hanging out and went to see the documentary on organic food at BK Fireproof. I had made plans to go see some of the galleries with a [male] friend from high school that night and extended the invite to Michael. It wasn’t awkward – it just changed the dynamic – but I think it was okay. (Dr. Lisa note: I’m loving this! They got together after their date at Tandem all on their own!!!)

How is Michael alike or different from a guy you would normally pick out for yourself?

He’s more thoughtful than other guys. He acts his age.

Describe your date briefly.

I’m switching the order of these questions. Michael and I met up on Wednesday night for a drink and a nibble at Tandem. We had great conversation about his family and background and then mine and I think we were there for maybe three hours and then he walked me to the train like a gentleman. I appreciate that.

What do you really like about Michael and what do you think you have in common with him?

He was thoughtful and tempered.  He was gracious in letting me ramble on while staying engaged at the same time! We both like biking, which came out at the event on the 15th, but I am a casual cyclist while he is in it for the mileage.

Are there any red flags about Michael that you picked up on or are wary of?

I don’t see any drama.  He’s probably someone who doesn’t put up with antics. This is good stuff, though. I suppose one thing I could find annoying after a while is the fact that we don’t see eye to eye on all of the world’s issues.

Romantic or otherwise – do you think you’ll be making plans to get together with Michael again in the near future?

I hope so!  He encouraged me to join the Bushwick Food Coop, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other there!

Before I finish here, I want to make you know who some of the outstanding creative people are that made the entire Bushwick Daily party a blast such as: my house band Pat Daugherty, DJ Joelle Sedlmaeyer, musician James Sera and the well-curated Love is Nice art exhibition by our own Sean Alday.

In conclusion: I think that Katey, Michael, and everyone that showed up and participated gets a big round of applause from me for putting themselves out there. Do I think Katey and Michael have a future together? Absolutely! But it’s too soon to tell exactly what kind. Nevertheless, they seem to have some enjoyment and appreciation of each other, so they are both winners.

The moral of the story here is that they made an effort to have some growth in their lives and got to meet new people, and they got a free meal to boot. This is a good thing for all of us to remember – be friendly and make new friends. I’ll check back with them in a couple of weeks and let you know how it’s going. I’d love to know what your best guess is for their future – write to me or leave a note in the comments. And if you see them out in the hood, be sure to say hi!

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