5 Bushwick Art Openings That Are Worth the Train Ride

“What is it about Bushwick?” I keep hearing this question from out-of-towners. I tell them, “Well, mostly it is the incredibly uninhibited, authentic culture and community.” “Well, is it worth the train ride?” they usually ask. The answer has to be: “It is worth a lifetime, not just a train ride!” Here are five art shows you’ll want to check out this weekend.

#1 Play: new work by Ben Godward @ Norte Maar (Friday, 6-9PM)

Ben Godward is one of the most distinctive, if not the most distinctive, sculptors in the neighborhood. Ben has developed his very own, very different approach and has been comfortably exploring it for a couple of years now. Ben is a master of contradiction – he creates urethane foam sculptures which look like neon toxic candy puke, embodying the uncontrollable inner lust for something that is in fact really bad for you. His solo show at Norte Maar is a ray of sunshine in this seemingly neverending gloomy time of the year. This is an absolute must-attend, friends.

#2 Art Hack Day @ 319 Scholes (Saturday, 7PM)

Already mentioned at Bushwick Daily earlier in the week, Art Hack Day is an annual art hacking party at 319 Scholes, and one of the best annual events in the neighborhood. If you like art and technology, it is an absolute must-attend. 60 “hackers whose medium is art and artists whose medium is tech” will be creating projects throughout the entire weekend. The public is invited to party and check out the results on Saturday at 7PM.

#3 LAUTARO : ESSENTIALLY @ Apostrophe (Thursday, 5-9PM, after party until 4AM)

Apostrophe is an interesting DIY apartment art + party space. The collective has already earned a reputation of a crazy party venue; now it’s placing more attention on their art. Tonight they are featuring their first one-artist exhibition featuring new paintings of Lautaro. A crazy dance party with DJs will follow, naturally.

#4  Brian Matthew: The Weight of All My History @ The Active Space (Friday, 7-10PM)

I have been following Brian Matthew, The Active Space resident artist, painting in this studio for many months now. Studying strange symbology, exploring fear and power, violence, aggression and economics – the process peaks this Friday at Brian’s first solo show at The Active Space.

#5 ChagallPAC @ Outpost Artists (Saturday, 8-10PM)

We are very excited for an Interactive Media and Soundpainting Performance taking place this Saturday at 8PM at Outpost Artists space. Look forward to special guests Fletcher Boote, Elizabeth Devlin, and Mary Joy Patchett.


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*Animated gifs via Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg.

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