Last Friday, when 2021 came to a close, so did our Best of Bushwick series. With over 36,000 total votes cast this year, I think it is fair to say that there were some amazing competitions. For the tremendous participation levels, we truly thank you.

And while this is called the “Best of Bushwick” series, businesses were eligible to compete as long as they are in Bushwick Daily’s coverage area, which includes Bushwick and parts of Ridgewood and Williamsburg. Businesses were nominated and voted for directly by Bushwick Daily readers.

Without further ado, here are the winners!

Category 1: Pizza

Winner: Tony’s Pizzeria and Restaurant, 443 Knickerbocker Ave.

Image provided by Tony’s

This family-owned restaurant, which has been around since the early 70s, raked in a whopping 1,022 total votes — more than one-third of the overall vote. 

“We are extremely honored and grateful to Bushwick for not only having nominated Tony’s Pizzeria and Restaurant for having the BEST PIZZA in Bushwick but for now having overwhelmingly won the top spot!” said Salvatore Polizzi of Tony’s Pizza. “It’s an amazing feeling, especially knowing how dedicated our entire staff is in putting out a quality product on a daily basis. We have worked tirelessly since the early 70s in perfecting our craft. Blood, sweat and tears have been shed. And this recognition is incredibly heartwarming because it acknowledges to a large degree all those years of hard work.”

“We pride ourselves in going above and beyond with everything we do – especially with our hospitality,” Polizzi continued. “Being recognized as the BEST PIZZA spot in Bushwick would not have been possible without the inspiration we continuously receive from our community of supporters day in and day out. We wholeheartedly accept this recognition on behalf of Bushwick as a whole and we tip our proverbial hats to all those who were nominated with us. Every single nominee has challenged us in the past and truly inspires us on a daily basis to do better and be better. Thank you Bushwick. Much love and appreciation. Now come out and try some of Brooklyn’s BEST!!”

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Category 2: Tacos

Winner: Peter’s Crunchy Red Tacos, 2 Wyckoff Ave.

Image provided by Peter’s

This newcomer to the Bushwick taco scene racked up an impressive amount of votes! Both a mid-day and late-night staple in the heart of Bushwick, Peter’s specializes in tender, juicy birria tacos with an original formula straight out of Tijuana, Mexico.

“This means so much to us, considering we opened up about 10 months ago during the winter of the pandemic,” Peter’s shared with Bushwick Daily in October. “With times being hard due to new restrictions, finding employees, the virus being around and weather, we still managed to work things out. The first day, the people of Bushwick welcomed us into their community with arms wide open. Businesses, customers, friends, family — everyone who showed love is the reason why we stayed here in Bushwick to begin with.

“The vibe is beautiful. The people are beautiful. The environment around is lovely. Thank you for enjoying.”

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Category 3: Happy Hour

Winner: Myrtle Pub, 56-53 Myrtle Ave.

Image provided by Myrtle Pub

Also a newcomer, Myrtle Pub has made a strong entrance to the local happy hour scene, racking up 1,613 total votes. Damn! With a $5 beer and shot combo, a two-for-one happy hour every day until 8 p.m. and $2 Rolling Rock cans, Myrtle Pub is an affordable welcoming space for those in the neighborhood. Myrtle Pub also has rotating drafts, local craft cans, specialty cocktails, sangria and housemade infusions. Free hot dogs and popcorn are available anytime!

“It was a thrill to be nominated and included with so many of our favorite local spots,” said Casey Spindler, co-owner of the bar. “We’ve been having a great time at the pub meeting our neighbors. Thanks to the support of our community, we can call ourselves the best happy hour!”

“We keep it simple, Spindler added. “Cheap ass drinks, friendly bartenders and a welcoming environment.”

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Category 4: Coffee Shop

Winner: Cypress Cafe, 17-02 Stanhope St.

Image from Cypress Cafe’s Instagram.

Every open day, this beloved neighborhood spot offers a wide range of delicious coffee drinks, along with popular New York breakfast items, such as bagels, avocado toast, quiche and more! On weekends, Cypress Cafe serves up a delicious brunch. Also, Cypress Cafe holds a number of live events. In the warmer months, Cypress Cafe holds “Sunday Service,” with live music and comedy outside.

“It is with absolute honor to have been nominated and awarded as the neighborhood’s best coffee shop,” Cypress Cafe responded. “What an overwhelming feeling to have such love and continued support from our neighbors.”

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Category 5: Sandwich

Winner: The Real Cubano (Often parked outside House of Yes)

Image from The Real Cubano’s Instagram.

Often parked outside of House of Yes on the corner of Wyckoff Avenue and Jefferson Street, this latin-owned food truck serves up a tasty traditional Cuban sandwich (for only $9), good enough to be named the best sandwich in or around the neighborhood. Less than a year old, the truck, which accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment, also offers bowls, empanadas and some delicious sides, including tostones and yuca frita.

“As long as NYC keeps being NYC, no sandwich will overtake a good bagel or a bacon, egg and cheese. However, we are happy and humbled to be picked as one of Bushwick’s best. As recent immigrants, we wanted to bring something classic and authentic, and the audience response was overwhelming. Our The Real Cubano sandwich outsells the rest of our items eight-to-one. It’s about the fresh ingredients and the use of an authentic recipe,” Real Cubano said in response.

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Category 6: Music Venue

Winner: TV Eye, 1647 Weirfield St.

Image from TV Eye’s Instagram.

Located on the Ridgewood-Bushwick border, TV Eye is a relatively new venue, having opened up in January of 2020. The venue self-describes as a “funhaus, bar, venue, discotheque, gallery and eatery,” equipped with a music room that fits about 250 people, a few other rooms and a kitchen named Barker & Sons that serves up impressive tacos. TV Eye hosts a wide range of acts and holds shows almost every night. Check out the updated calendar here.

“We are honored,” responded TV Eye. “We built our venue room from scratch, meticulously attempting to construct the best possible environment for playing or attending a show – from the equipment and the acoustics to the staging and lighting. We also have tried to book a mix of our favorite national acts and local community bands. Finally, we set out to offer a show-going experience beyond the venue room that includes a variety of social environments, late dancing and food to make every show more than just a live music event as a means to an end, but rather a nightly party.”

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Category 7: Brunch

Winner: Father Knows Best, 611A Wilson Ave.

Image from the Father Knows Best’s Instagram

Every day, this local bar, restaurant and community event space serves up tasty brunch items, including a mushroom hash, pilled up with crispy potatoes, avocado, smoked oyster mushrooms, arugula, pickled beets and toasted seeds, a slammin chicken sandwich, equipped with grilled rosemary and thyme marinated chicken, bacon, baby arugula, roasted tomato and chipotle aioli, served on ciabatta, vegan banana chocolate pancakes, served with a coconut rum sauce and topped with caramelized bananas and strawberries, and so many other amazing items. While the brunch is clearly loved, FKB offers so much more, including DJ sets, markets and other events!

“Since opening in 2016, we have always strived to stand out amongst so many amazing places and institutions that Bushwick has to offer. We’re honored to have been voted as the best brunch among so many other exceptional spots,” FKB said in response to its win.

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Category 8: Bar

Winner: The Bad Old Days, 1684 Woodbine St.

Image from The Bad Old Days’ Instagram.

This beloved neighborhood bar is a welcoming, comfortable space. There are bookcases full of books and a plethora of board games to choose from. There’s also plenty of outdoor seating, friendly bartenders, cocktails, hot drinks, house-made infusions, beer-and-shot deals and local craft beers.

“It was exciting to be nominated alongside so many great local bars!” The Bad Old Days responded. “Stop by for one of our signature cocktails like ‘Let That Man-Go,’ made with chili-apricot infused tequila. We have some really lovely longtime regulars, and we’re meeting new people everyday!”

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Category 9: Bakery

Winner: L’imprimerie, 1524 Myrtle Ave.

Image from L’imprimerie’s Instagram.

This beloved community French bakery, run by French banker-turned-baker Monsieur Gus Reckel, specializes in serving up small batch pastries and breads. Some of the most popular items on L’imprimerie’s menu include baguettes, croissants and mouth-watering baked and frosted buns. However, the local bakery also offers a wide range of cheeses, baking ingredients, beers and wines, among other items. The building that L’imprimerie is located in also has a long, interesting history. Learn more about that here.

“We are so thrilled to have received so much support from the community, as there are so many amazing and diverse bakeries around us! We managed to stay open through the pandemic, thanks to an incredible team. This recognition goes to the team and our customers that never let us down,” said Monsieur Gus.

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Category 10: Wings

Winner: The Deep End, 1080 Wyckoff Ave.

Image provided by The Deep End.

This local joint is a go-to spot for late-night food and drinks. And over the past few years, it has really built up a reputation for its wings, offering 75 cent wings every Wednesday (with a $15 drink or other food minimum, dine in only). Wings come coated in either BBQ sauce, Buffalo sauce, honey mustard or crack sauce. Or, you can get them naked.

“It is a huge honor to win in the best wings category because our wings have been a fan favorite in our community for almost five years now,” The Deep End responded. “We pride ourselves in our wings. People take their wings seriously, and so do we. It is a lifestyle. From our secret dry rub recipe to our range of sauces (try our popular crack sauce!), our passion for serving quality wings separates us from the competition.”

“We have a great team we call family, we put a lot of love into all of our food, and next year we plan on winning for best tacos and burgers. If you haven’t had our iconic munchie burger or our juicy carnitas tacos, then you aren’t living your best life!”

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Featured Image: Erik Kantar

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