Two weeks ago, we asked you, our readers, to nominate your favorite local bars in and around the neighborhood. In total, 45 bars – yes, you read that right – were nominated. Wow.

Last week, we asked you to vote. It was a great competition, full of lead changes. Nearly every time we checked, it seemed that a different bar was winning! In total, there were more than 4,500 votes cast. I believe it is fair to say that in and around Bushwick, we are passionate about our local bars.

The runners up …

In third place, hoisting the bronze medal, is 101 Wilson Bar, located at – you guessed it – 101 Wilson Ave. This bar is all about cheap beer, great music and … yes, hot dogs. The entire bar is covered with graffiti, and kegs serve as makeshift tables. This beloved neighborhood watering hole claims to have the “cheapest beers in town” and also has some bargain-friendly cocktails, I might add.

With the silver medal, standing second on the podium, is Boobie Trap, located at 308 Bleecker St. Having received more than 1,100 votes, this local boobie-themed joint is a dive bar staple in the neighborhood, with cheap drinks and a friendly staff. Along with the boobie decor and signature neon pink “F**k Off” sign sitting as the centerpiece behind the bar, Boobie Trap comes equipped with a number of classic board games to spice up your evening. “Your favorite local, making lasting mammaries!” states the bar’s Instagram bio.

Drum roll please …

In first place, with more than 1,600 votes and carrying the gold medal high, is The Bad Old Days, located near the Bushwick-Ridgewood border at 1684 Woodbine St. This beloved neighborhood bar is a welcoming, comfortable space. There are bookcases full of books and a plethora of board games to choose from. There’s also plenty of outdoor seating, friendly bartenders, cocktails, hot drinks, house-made infusions, beer-and-shot deals and local craft beers.

“It was exciting to be nominated alongside so many great local bars!” The Bad Old Days responded. “Stop by for one of our signature cocktails like ‘Let That Man-Go,’ made with chili-apricot infused tequila. We have some really lovely longtime regulars, and we’re meeting new people everyday!”

Full results:

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All Images: The Bad Old Days’ Instagram.

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