A few weeks ago, we asked you, our readers, to nominate your favorite music venues in and around the neighborhood. In total, through comments on the website, direct emails to the editor and responses to our Instagram question, 17 music venues were nominated. That’s a ton!

The nominations covered it all! There were big spaces with multiple stages, and there were hidden DIY spaces. There were spots that have been around for forever and spots that are brand new to the neighborhood. Some venues nominated specialize in electronic music, while others are all about live bands.

More recently, we asked you to vote. And, Bushwick, you did not disappoint. In total, nearly 4,000 votes were cast. For that, we thank you!

The runners up . . .

In third place is none other than Footlight Underground. Located at the Windjammer Bar in Ridgewood, Footlight is a space for new and emerging artists to show what they’ve got and improve their crafts. In addition to live, scheduled shows, Footlight hosts open mics, workshops, dance shows and theater performances. The space is all about supporting the arts and helping all forms of artists grow.

With 1,362 total votes, carrying the silver medal, is Our Wicked Lady. This space, located at 153 Morgan Ave., has it all. An old Brooklyn warehouse converted into a bar in 2015, Our Wicked Lady has a big rooftop venue, which is open-air in the summer and closed-in during the winter, that hosts all types of live music shows and dance parties. The space also has rehearsal studios and artist studios attached, making it a true artist haven.

And . . . drum roll please . . .

The winner of the 2021 best music venue competition, with a total of 1,525 votes, is TV Eye. Located at 1647 Weirfield St., on the Ridgewood-Bushwick border, TV Eye is a relatively new venue, having opened up in January of 2020. The venue self-describes as a “funhaus, bar, venue, discotheque, gallery and eatery,” equipped with a music room that fits about 250 people, a few other rooms and a kitchen named Barker & Sons that serves up impressive tacos. TV Eye hosts a wide range of acts and holds shows almost every night. Check out the updated calendar here.

“We are honored,” responded TV Eye. “We built our venue room from scratch, meticulously attempting to construct the best possible environment for playing or attending a show – from the equipment and the acoustics to the staging and lighting. We also have tried to book a mix of our favorite national acts and local community bands. Finally, we set out to offer a show-going experience beyond the venue room that includes a variety of social environments, late dancing and food to make every show more than just a live music event as a means to an end, but rather a nightly party.”

Photo from TV Eye’s Instagram
Photo from TV Eye’s Instagram

Full results:

Featured image from TV Eye’s Instagram

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