Two weeks ago, we asked you Bushwickians to submit your nominations for the best bakery in and around the neighborhood. In total, there were nine scrumptious nominations.

Bushwick has a diverse range of bakeries. Among the bakeries nominated were Latin, Italian, French, American and vegan bakeries, among others! For baked goods lovers living in and around Bushwick, there really are some amazing options.

Last week, we asked you to vote.

The runners up . . .

In third place, carrying the bronze medal, is Millers & Makers, a boutique bakery located at 818 Woodward Ave. in nearby Ridgewood, Queens. Owned and operated by a couple who formed a love for baking during their time at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, Millers & Makers serves up delicious sweet potato cinnamon rolls, fresh quiche, rye chocolate chip cookies and a number of beautiful cakes, among other baked goods.

In second place, hoisting the silver medal, is Bushwick Bakery, a neighborhood staple sitting at 127 Central Ave. This local bakery offers a wide range of pastries and cookies, as well as cakes and items from its desert bar, including crème brûlée and tiramisu. Also on the menu of this spot for sweets are hot drinks, such as hot chocolate and espresso drinks, and a range of cold and hot sandwiches. Pro tip: try the turkey dijon.

Drum roll please . . .

In first place, with the gold medal around its neck, is none other than L’imprimerie. Sitting at 1524 Myrtle Ave., this beloved community French bakery, run by French banker-turned-baker Monsieur Gus Reckel, specializes in serving up small batch pastries and breads. Some of the most popular items on L’imprimerie’s menu include baguettes, croissants and mouth-watering baked and frosted buns. However, the local bakery also offers a wide range of cheeses, baking ingredients, beers and wines, among other items. The building that L’imprimerie is located in also has a long, interesting history. Learn more about that here.

“We are so thrilled to have received so much support from the community, as there are so many amazing and diverse bakeries around us! We managed to stay open through the pandemic, thanks to an incredible team. This recognition goes to the team and our customers that never let us down,” said Monsieur Gus.

Full results:

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All Images: L’imprimerie’s Instagram.

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