Jackson Schroeder


The owners of Roberta’s pizza have entered the burger wars. Their new burger and fries joint, appropriately named Burgie’s, sits at 198 Randolph Street, a short walk from the Jefferson Street L station. 

With a seven-item menu, french fry boxes, fountain sodas, meal trays and 1950s aesthetic, Burgie’s is reminiscent of classic burger joints of the past. 

“We are going for a very simple, very classic fast-food vibe,” said Marcella Smith, Burgie’s director of business development. 

The owners of Roberta’s say they’ve always wanted to do a burger concept (Jackson Schroeder)

The signature item on the menu is, of course, The Burgie, a single patty constructed from a house-made three-meat blend that sits on a potato roll with American cheese, onions, pickles and Thousand Island dressing. It costs $10. 

With its soft bun, crisp veggies and a patty that is crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside, The Burgie is hard not to wolf down. But it deserves the attention and consideration that one puts into eating a gourmet steak. 

For vegetarians and vegans, Burgie’s also offers the Vurgie Burgie. (Erik Kantar)

For $14, customers can also opt for the Double Burgie. For vegetarians and vegans, the restaurant also offers the Vurgie Burgie, a $12 vegan burger that comes in a home-made vegan bun. Also on the menu: the $14 wedge salad made with iceberg lettuce, bacon, blue cheese dressing, sun-dried tomatoes and fried shallots. To top it off, Burgie’s offers a variety of fountain sodas and, of course, house-cut fries, both priced at $5. For the little ones, Burgie’s offers a $10 Bambino Box, which comes with its own kid-sized burger, fries and a juice box. 

The owners, Brandon Hoy and Carlo Mirarchi, have always wanted to do a burger concept, said Smith. Their dream came to fruition when Eric Cohen, their long-time friend and current landlord, had offered them an amazing deal on the space on Randolph Street. 

“Being a longtime fan of Roberta’s and friend to Brandon, I had no hesitation in partnering with him, Carlo and their team,” said Cohen. “I have the utmost trust in them to navigate these difficult times and do so successfully. Burgie’s is a concept I believe in and I’m excited to see the positive impact that it will have on our community.”

Bushwick skateboarders will be happy to know that Burgie’s sits adjacent to Vans’ indoor skate park, which the company opened last year. 

Burgie’s is currently open seven days a week from noon to 10 p.m. for takeout and delivery on Postmates, DoorDash and Seamless. 

For now, customers will have to eat their food away from the 1950s decor. But there is reason still to be excited for Burgie’s post-pandemic dining experience: the restaurant has shelf space for a full bar and currently has more than a dozen beer taps protruding from the wall. 



A burger joint in Bushwick

 198 Randolph Street, Bushwick (off the Jefferson Avenue stop on the L train)

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        Mon-Sun: 12 pm – 10pm