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Food and Drink Editor

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I may be going out on a bit of a limb here, but one could argue that of all types of shops, bakeries may be the unsung heroes of their neighborhoods. They are often among the oldest, if not the oldest, institutions in the area.

Think about it. For one thing, I can think of few people who work harder than bakers — they’ve already put in three, four hours of work by the time we’re waking up at the crack of dawn and complaining about it. For another, baking is a precise process of equal parts science and art.

I would find this job to be mentally and emotionally taxing, but bakers do it day in and day out to make all the products we love so much — everything from crusty breads and buttery croissants to sexy pastries, cookies, and cakes galore. 

We all love these things, so for this next installment of Best of Bushwick, we’re going to pay homage to the bakers and bakeries out there who make flakiness a redeeming quality. 

Only one qualifier for this round: We’re looking for bakeries that offer a happy variety of goods, so we will not be accepting nominations of single-product bakeries. Bakeries that only make deserts, or only make breads, are fair game; but bakeries that only make one kind of desert, such as a cupcake bakery, are not. Otherwise, the oven’s the limit! 

So, Bushwick — who is the best bakery in the Bushwick-East Williamsburg-Ridgewood area? Put your nominations into the preheated comments section below to let us know! 

Nominations will close on Thursday, April 26 at 11:59 PM.

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Photo by James Harris