You Can Now Buy Booze at a New Taco Bell in Bushwick

Evan Haddad


Taco Bell is a classic place to go after a night of boozing. Soon you can skip the bars and get loaded at the fast-food chain’s new Bushwick spot.

A Taco Bell “Cantina,” as the chain’s boozy branches are known, opened last week at 1359 Broadway on the Bushwick and Bed-Stuy border. The location is one of 50 new alcohol-serving Taco Bells that the company plans to roll out in New York City through 2022, according to Fortune.

The Bushwick Taco Bell is currently awaiting licensing, but customers will soon be able buy beer, wine, margaritas, and other alcohol-infused slushies. Here’s what it will look like:

Seven Google reviewers have already gushed praise for the new spot, giving it five stars for the sleek tablet-menus and swanky interior design.

“Clean, spacious, nice cashiers! The interior has a modern rustic style and is nicer looking than any taco bell that I’ve ever visited. If they served lattes I’d bring my laptop and do work here!” wrote Tania Lee. 

“…NY’ers, let’s try to keep this looking as new for as LONG as possible,” wrote Trev Wig. 

Another reviewer, though he also gave the new Taco Bell five stars, made a different observation.

“This Taco Bell had BLOOD and VOMIT all over the floor and walls!”

Other reviews said that the only downside was the relatively early closing time of 12 a.m. But this may be a great way to mix up your weekend routine: Get drunk and eat fast-food before going to the bar.

Correction: an earlier version of this story stated that alcohol was currently available at the Taco Bell at 1359 Broadway. Its liquor license is pending and no booze is yet available.  The content in our article has been edited to reflect this.

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Cover image courtesy of Mike Mozart on Flickr

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