Evan Haddad


Move over, Los Hermanos, because finally a chic and “contemporary Mexican restaurant” opens today in Bushwick.

Modeled after the loncheria, a traditional, casual Mexican luncheonette, La Loncheria at 41 Wilson Ave. claims to be “the first of its kind in New York,” according to a press release.

The luncheonette, which opens to the public today, will serve updated — but expensive —  versions of authentic everyday Mexican fare, including tacos with grilled rib eye and salt-rubbed cactus ($11), oven-roasted purple yam and vegan chorizo ($13), and craft Mexican spirits (don’t ask).

The 40-seat luncheonette is the brainchild of chef-owner Danny Mena, a Mexico City native, who wants to “to bridge the sense of nostalgia I experience and the desire for authenticity New York consumers seek out, to create a true contemporary Mexican atmosphere.” 

Mena says he thinks “it’s the perfect time to do so back in Brooklyn.” And what more perfect place in Brooklyn than in Bushwick?

Still, $11 seems a bit much for two tacos. So if you’re not up for that, you can still skip on down to everybody’s favorite Los Hermanos, where three tacos cost $9 — and the 20-minute wait is free.

Check back soon for our complete review of La Loncheria!

Cover image courtesy of La Loncheria