Magdalena Waz


For those of us who trek to OddFellows in Williamsburg for our fix of inventive ice cream flavors and the smell of fresh waffle cone, the journey will soon be markedly shorter here in Bushwick. Food & Wine reports that the experimental ice cream empire will open a factory and old-fashioned soda fountain at 379 Suydam St.

The owners, Sam Mason, Holiday, and Mohan Kumar, had always planned on opening an old-fashioned soda fountain together but agreed to build a brand through their relatively tiny Kent Avenue outpost first.

Nearly six years later, the group has a location, a liquor license, and a plan for a modern space serving savory and sweet dishes alike. The list of possibilities includes sliders and a pretzel corndog with Guinness mustard in addition to inventive and Instagram-worthy sundaes.

Next door, the unofficially-named OddFactory will feature tours of its facility and a behind-the-scenes look at how our favorite ice creams are made. The extra its 5,500 square feel will allow the business to expand the wholesale side of their sales.

But there’s one thing we can say with certainty: we’re already looking forward to next summer!

Featured image by Katie Burton courtesy of OddFellows.