Magdalena Waz


The “once in a lifetime” solar eclipse is finally upon us, and even though Bushwick and the rest of NYC are not in the path of totality where the moon completely blots out the sun, we will still feel some of the eclipse’s effects over 500 miles away from the path of the eclipse.

Here in our neck of the woods, we will experience a partial solar eclipse which will obscure 71.5 percent of the sun. It will start at around 1:20 p.m. and at least some part of the sun will be obscured through nearly 4:00 p.m. The peak of the eclipse will happen at 2:45:06 p.m. If you’ll be at work and want to calculate the specific peak for your work ZIP code, consult this handy tool on Vox.

The Weather Channel’s live coverage begins at 11:00 a.m. Tune in below for views of totality in several locations as the total eclipse makes its way across the states from west to east. 

Remember, don’t look directly at the sun unless you want permanent blind spots burned into your eyes. If you missed the boat on eclipse glasses, either make a pinhole projector out of a cereal box or look around at some of the other effects of the eclipse on the ground.

Most people say that the eclipse will also cause indoor and outdoor animals alike to act a little erratically since their internal clocks will get a little wonky. We suppose that vague warning goes for humans, too. 

And if you’re a superstitious type and also pregnant, you might want to affix a piece of metal to yourself—like a safety pin—to avoid any ill-effects.

But in all seriousness, get out there, stay safe, and enjoy all of the wonky benefits that twilight in the middle of the day provides. You may not see anything like it again!

Featured image courtesy of Thephatphilmz via Wikimedia Commons.