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It’s December 10, and if you’re like me, you are likely still frantically looking for the Perfect Holiday Gift. I understand very well how things are. Not only we are busy living the amazing Bushwick life, but also we are looking for certain attributes in a present. We want to give something original; thoughtful; preferably hand-made and we want to buy it locally to support a local business. This year you can easily buy all your presents in the neighborhood. In fact, you don’t even have to leave one building.  Go straight to The Loom! The Loom is a big loft building on 1087 Flushing Ave, groundfloor of which is a home to 20 lovely stores. We took a walk and hand-picked the nicest gift ideas for you.

#1 Hand-Made Leather Jewelry from Nouveau Vieux ($45-85)

You will make every female in you life really happy if you start your Holiday shopping stroll at Nouveau Vieux. Nouuveau Vieux means New Old in French, and so is the collection of rare clothing and accessories in this cute little store. We picked this beautiful leather necklace specifically because the owner Shelby Lawson made this jewelry collection herself, and also because it’s wildly beautiful.

#2 Alexa Chunk Vintage Silk Shirt  from Nouveau Vieux ($70)

This gentle silk shirt caught our attention immediately. And no wonder! It’s a shirt by a fashion icon, television presenter and Vogue cover girl, Alexa Chunk. This silk shirt is simply a great find!

#3 Malas from Loom Yoga ($ 28-48)

We love yoga and pilates classes and massages at Loom Yoga, but did you notice their little shop at the reception? It’s well-worth to stroll through a number of hand-made items, many of which have really interesting stories. We personally liked malas the best. Malas are used by yogis to recite mantras, one crystal bead at the time. Oh, and now everything is 10% off!

#4 Gift Certificates from Loom Yoga (different price levels)

Monthly Loom Yoga membership will surely bring anyone closer to enlightenment;  also it allows for an unlimited yoga and pilates access. It starts at $54.  Just ask at the reception.

#5 Crazy Circle from Bushy Tails ($12.50)

Of course you cannot leave out your pet from all the Holiday festivities! At Bushy Tails, Bushwick’s first pet store at The Loom; I picked up a Crazy Wheel from my cat, and gave it to her prematurely before the Holidays even started. She loves to move the ball around in the wheel with her paw! Bushy Tails also carries food and supplies for dogs, birds, fish, you name it.

#6 Bushwick-made bike from Northbrooklyn Collective ($700)

Is Northbrooklyn Collective one of the coolest stores at The Loom? Likely! These guys sell bikes and skateboards, and you will love them too. Take a look at this rad carbon custom bike made in Bushwick. It’s super light, and you can use it as fixed or single gear. Additionally, it’s discounted from original $1,400 to $700. That’s a deal, we think…

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#7 Skateboard from Northbrooklyn Collective ($80-100)

If bike seems like a lot but you still want to give a radically remarkable gift, we suggest a skateboard! At Northbrooklyn Collective, they will build one for you for 80-100 bucks.

#8 Vintage Cameras from Studio at the Darkroom ($45-100)

In the digital era, nothing feels better than an analogue camera. Taking photos with a vintage camera feels as if you hit pause on time and enjoyed photography again. At Studio at the Darkroom they have quite a selection! Get the one you like the best and don’t be afraid to ask for an advice.

#9 Gift Certificates from Bushwick Community Darkroom (different price levels)

Once you or your beloved enter the world of film photography, it would be a shame not to get a proper darkroom experience. Bushwick Community Darkroom offers access to a darkoom at very affordable level and additionally offers a real community experience. You can give a gift certificate of membership at Bushwick Community Darkroom (unlimited access for $50+3hrs of volunteering) or give one of the classes offered.

#10 Slinky from Hensons Canteen ($2)

Between candy bars and vintage furniture of Hensons Canteen, we discovered simple yet fantastic present — Slinky. For only $2 you can bring someone real joy of an old-fashion toy. In addition Archie, the owner of Hensons Canteeen is someone you want to meet and have a nice talk.

#11 Wood Bow Tie from Hensons Canteen ($32)

If your loved one loves eccentric accessories and original fashion, get them a set of wood bow ties. Yes, that exists and you cen get it only at Hensons Canteen.

#11 Wizard Skull Set from Silky’s (price upon request)

When shopping at The Loom peak into Silky’s. At this screen printing/graphic design studio you are likely to catch the owner Jason working on some awesome prints. He will explain you the process and add a couple of jokes. You can get your friend something funny like this set designed by artist Wizard Skull including the famous Wizard Skull toilet paper.

#12 Brooklyn Necklace from Better Than Jam ($80)

Better Than Jam might just be the ultimate gift store. The community of artists and crafters brought together in one store by the owner Karin Persan. We absolutely fell in love with this beautiful Brooklyn necklace; perfect for every diehard Brooklynite!

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#13 Hand-Made Soap from Better Than Jam ($9)

If you’re running low on cash but still don’t want to give up original Holiday presents, give a gift of Brooklyn hand-made soap. A bar is only $9 and comes in this beautiful wrapping.

#14 Membership to Bushwick Food Co-op ($50)

Give the gift of one time, life long membership at Bushwick Food Coop. Why this might be the best present you will ever give? Because your loved one will gain access to fresh produce, dairy, eggs, bread and coffee every week. Furthermore, all this food is very affordable, healthy, and responsibly-produced.

#15 Gift Certificate to Gnostic Tattoo (starting at $60)

How much would your friend, brother or a sister love you if you got them a tattoo?! One of the newest stores at The Loom is a high end tattoo studio that offers gift certificates! The minimum price of a tattoo at Gnostic Tattoo is $60.

#16 Shabbat Experience at Chabbad House (free)

Chabbad of Bushwick is located at The Loom and regularly becomes the center of the Bushwick Jewish community. But you don’t have to be Jewish to participate in a Shabbat experience offered by Rabbi Heller. If you haven’t met Rabbi Heller yet, let me tell you that he is a really friendly guy who will gladly welcome you on a Friday night, and tell you all about the religious traditions.

#17 Coffee Beans from Kávé ($12); tote bag Kávé ($10)

Give a little piece of your favorite coffee shop! At Kávé they are offering a pound of their coffee beans for $12. If you want to not only drink Kave’s delicious coffee but also carry your books in their cute tote bag, nothing is easier. Get a Kávé tote bag for $ 10.

#18 Gift Certificates from Tomahawk (different price levels)

It’s a great feeling to know that you don’t have to leave the neighborhood to get a really awesome hair cut anymore. Tomahawk, a cozy hair and nail salon will take care of you with pleasure and turn you and/or your beloved into rockstarts. Gift Certificates at any price levels are available.

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