If there’s one thing I’ve learned while living in Bushwick it’s that the best parties and venues are often found by word of mouth. Saturday night was looking dull until a friend told me about Apostrophe, a newly opened, art/party space on Irving Ave completely hidden by pulling a drop-down wall in front of it.

Once we arrived we were given two playing cards and a few instructions. Find three other people at the party to make a full house and we’ll give you a dollar shot, the door guy said. A meet up game combined with a celebratory ending. It was going to be a good night.

“It’s very underground Brooklyn,” my friend said, probably due to the fact that we were literally underground surrounded by graffitied walls and strobe lights. The DJ spun his house music while partygoers swayed and played with balloons scattered around the floor. Every now and then one would pop, but never deterred the dancers.

The vibe was similar to a typical house party, except being surrounded by art in the upstairs gallery.  “We knew a lot of artists and musicians and we thought ‘Lets create a space,’” Sei Smith, one of the founding brothers, said when asked how Apostrophe was born.

Sei and Ki Smith opened the space in September and searched for a name for a month before settling on Apostrophe, derived from a Frank Zappa album. The brothers (who live in the venue) plan live music every weekend and open the gallery Wednesday through Friday.

The guys book diverse acts that bring hipsters and kids from the hood together to create a community-gathering space. “It’s a great mix,” Sei said. “The old and the young create a good energy.”

The Smith brothers have the start of something great here, and didn’t bother with the law when it came to their goals. “Our generation realizes our potential but it’s hard to get there,” Sei said. “Instead of over thinking it just do it, beyond the law or whoever, just do it.”

If you want to experience a casual party scene but still hear good music and be surrounded by art, then this is the place to go. Check out Apostrophe’s Facebook page to see what is planned next.