5 Must Have/Make Items for your Bushwick Halloween

Halloween is one of the coolest holidays of the year, and if you disagree I dare you to name another holiday during which you get to unleash your hidden self and party like a hipster werewolf, Bruce Lee or Garth from Wayne’s World. Additionally, everything acquires pumpkin flavor and gets a lil spooky. Just look at this

pumpkin pie graph clearly showing

that 27.710843373494% of Trader Joe’s October Fearless Flyer is  pumpkin!

Let’s now all look at a couple of items we found online to make your Halloween house party an unforgettable creepy, drunken experience! 

#1 Halloween Cocktails

Check out these top 10 Halloween cocktails, and I personally dare you not to be lazy this year and mix them!


 #2 Halloween Pops

We found these on Etsy. Aren’t they like the most brilliant treat? If you get them, send me your address, I’ll come trick-or-treating for sure!

#3 Spooky Halloween Eyeballs

Another challenge for you and your DIY skills. Bake these eyeball cookies. Again, please provide your address for Bushwick Daily trick-or-treating purposes.

#4 Don’t slack off when carving pumpkins!

…and carve something insane like this guy did:

 #5 Get a Protobooth, an animated GIF photo booth

You need to capture all the awesome costumes that will show up at your house party, therefore a photo booth is highly recommended. Now you can get something really special! An animated gif photobooth and your party photos will get another dimension. Literally.

 gif via https://thisisdk.com/protobooth

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