We loved Pauline’s bright colored dress and her braided hair. Pauline revealed that the dress was originally really long and she cut it this short. Well, what can we say? Good choice, Pauline! 

He doesn’t care about fashion. He just happens look cool. Always.

We met Matt (hahah) when he was skating his way home after he finished a basketball game. Matt was very friendly and told us that he is 25 years old, works in a restaurant in Manhattan and plays in a band.


Simplicity is beauty!

We caught our favorite chick street artist Gilf! in action working on a mural at Bushwick Five Points. Naturally she looked cool!



Jackie was very nice and happy to answer all our questions. She said that her necklace is from Forever 21. Can you believe that?

…and her very unique, antique ring.

Again, we are excited to read your opinions in the comments section. Who looks the best? Do you think you look hotter than any of these folks? Challenge accepted! Holla at us and we’ll take a picture of you!