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Sunday is more than just a day, it’s a mood. Sunday is the day to take it easy, to recharge and reset so you’re ready for the week ahead. That chill, low-key energy is what the five co-founders behind One Sunday at a Time wanted to capture with their new Bushwick-based design concept store, that opened last month. 

“Getting brunch or cooking something at home, walking around the neighborhood, chilling at the park. Going back home, going up to the roof—weather permitting—having drinks. And being with friends, for sure,” that is how Abel Shifferaw, one of the store’s co-owners, describes a perfect Sunday. 

The co-founders have had a long-standing tradition of spending Sundays together to decompress, relax and get in gear for the coming work-week. They adopted this philosophy of taking things one Sunday at a time, which puts a positive spin on that discouraging feeling we’re all familiar with. 

Storefront of One Sunday at a Time.

They shared an interest in design, fashion, and art, and started toying with the idea of creating an outlet for their creativity a few years ago. They came up with several plans, from starting a blog to creating an apparel line, until one of them passed an empty store in Bushwick. That’s how the idea of starting a concept store was born. 

“We’ve always been passionate about communicating our authentic selves through things we wear and have in our homes,” said Sonya Falcon, another co-founder. “So the concept came naturally out of that Sunday tradition of getting together and creating that space to decompress. We wanted to share that with people who want to create a little bit of an escape when they get home.”  

The partners enjoy browsing the many apparel and design stores in Bushwick, but they missed a store like theirs. A one-stop shop with a diverse range of cool things that is supposed to be a community space, as well. The team has plans to host artist pop-ups, networking events, educational get-togethers and activities. 

One Sunday at a Time retail goods.

“There isn’t really that kind of space in the neighborhood,” said Falcon. “We’re not coming in from the outside, we’re locals, we’re from Bushwick, we’re people of color. We’re kind of creating this product that we wish was there that was made by us, for us.”

Bushwick is filled with people from all backgrounds and identities, and at One Sunday at a Time, they want everyone to feel welcome. Falcon mentions how it can sometimes feel like similar types of shops can be exclusionary or just cater to a certain part of the community. 

“We specifically want to make a space that feels comfortable and safe for people of color,” said Falcon. “A lot of the time, stores like this can feel like a space where you don’t really belong. So it was really important for us to counterbalance that. When people who look like us walk into the store and see us there—we all work behind the counter—they see who it’s by and who it’s for and they feel much more comfortable.”

So they set out to create their own shop and community space that feels like a home away from home. “So far, it’s been awesome,” said Shifferaw. “It’s been good to meet people and have conversations about the products. But it’s a lot of work.”

Falcon laughs at this: “We really started this from the ground up. I was wearing acrylic nails and putting together furniture and painting.”

They achieved their design dreams: the store’s interior is minimal and modern, in a cozy way. They sell everything that fits the Sunday lifestyle vibe. 

Including apparel, candles, art, jewelry, and homeware goods—as long as the products come from brands and artists they believe in. 

“We work with brands and makers that have a certain vision of the world that we align with, that are socially aware and progressive,” said Falcon. “Who produces it, who is it for and how is it made? We’re also very particular about design, functionality and craftsmanship. And then we sell items that just inspire you to take care of yourself, feel confident and express yourself.”

Make your way over to 253 Wilson Avenue to enjoy that Sunday feeling any day of the week.

Images courtesy of One Sunday at a Time.

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