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Brooklyn legend and mastermind behind Bushwick’s Sea Wolf, Gemelli, and The Ledge, Daniel Cipriani, is bringing back oldschool New York and late-night happy hours back with his latest venture, JJ’s Hideaway

A pet project almost 30 years in the making, the dance bar is a sexy, grimy spot that transports guests to the post-punk dystopia of the ‘80s and ‘90s with a light-up floor, neon decorations, vintage band posters, and custom art by Patrick Church and other local artists. 

On August 20, guests gathered under the neon pink sign at 97 North 10th St. for the preview party, where they got to see first-hand all of the vibes JJ’s Hideaway has to offer.

Bar at JJ’s Hideaway.

Here guests were able to kick back on pews, reclaimed from a local church, or head into the back room to get silly (without worrying about being cool) on the light-up disco dance floor while a roster of DJs spun a mix of the best oldies and great new hits.

The space, which was a metal foundry back in the day, boasts original brick arched vault ceilings, a poured concrete bar and graffiti covered walls, which came with the building.

The grunge-inspired bar area leads to a light-up dance floor, featuring mirrored walls and original, black-and-white, hand-painted art from British multimedia artist Patrick Church.

Hand-painted artwork by Patrick Church.

“The artwork is from my series of work called ‘Get in Line,’” said Church. “It’s a timeless and never-ending pattern exploring the human form, connections, and relationships. It translates perfectly into the space, as it’s bold and impactful, yet also vulnerable and delicate. It was such a wonderful project to work on.”

The menu is simple, reminiscent of the bars in the late 20th century, with guilty pleasure frozen drinks, cheap beer and shots specials, well drinks and easy cocktails to let you get quickly back to the dance floor. 

Have you ever gotten out of work and contemplated whether you need a beer or some food? At JJ’s, you no longer have to choose. For those needing a late-night bite, Italian piadina sandwiches, served both prosciutto or vegetarian, are offered fresh from a pizza oven. 

Frozen Guilty Pleasure from JJ’s Hideaway.

 “JJ’s Hideaway is what many of us had in the earlier days of New York City’s bar scene long before Edison bulbs and reclaimed wood took over,” said Cipriani. “It’s a home for the late-night goers, the misfit kids, the service industry workers. It’s incredible to offer everyone a place to call home and feel comfortable and accepted.”  

Weeknight warriors get ready because JJ’s is open daily from 4:00pm – 4:00am, with happy hour Sunday through Wednesday and DJ sets every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.

All images courtesy of Jillian Pedrani (Lion & Lamb).

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