This week Bushwick was a faded floral wash of vintage fashion. From grungy band tees to 1950s era rompers, baby doll dresses to 1960s shifts, vintage was it on the streets! Check out these gorgeous fashionistas showcasing their retro looks.

Beautiful Chloe looked like a Bushwick Betty Boop in her red romper with matching shoes and hair. Red or dead, baybeh.

Waiting for the L never looked so cool.

I love everything about this outfit. The lilac boots, the vintage skirt— and don’t get me started on the single, singular cactus earring. Perfection!

All black is always in style. Love the leather harness and the peep toe booties.

This fashionista is looking adorable in her vintage nightgown, worn over a dress, and Chelsea boots.

The sixties pattern and shape of this dress were so gorgeous, I made this poor girl pose for me on the J train! Thank you, darling.

“I’m accessorizing with an iced coffee and a donut, is that allowed?” (Those are the best accessorizes money can buy, I’d say!)

Eski here added her own embroidery to this vintage Indonesian dress. Love the sneaks too. Cute!

Stay fashionable and fabulous Bushwick kids, and maybe next week you’ll make into Street Style with Ruthie Darling!