It’s HOT out there today, Bushwick! Hopefully you’ve found somewhere air conditioned to lay low through the duration of the heat advisory. If you must be out and about, no one will hold it against against you if you’re not at your most styled—but because this is Bushwick, plenty of local fashionistas are still out in the heatwave looking perfectly poised. Here’s what we’re seeing on the streets this week.

Ruthie Darling

Fashion Blogger

This duo are complementing each other perfectly in chic black and white. Cool and elegant.

This gorgeous child goes by the name @GrossBeyonce. Her neon
hair is giving me #goals

Here is her full outfit.
Nailed it.

I think this t-shirt may double as
a sundial, you know, incase your phone dies. Too fabulous!

That glorious pink and purple!
This Bushwickian knows
how to layer fabrics and
textures like a pro.

Black and white does not
have to be boring. This onesie
is total Bushwick-cool

Close up on the sneaks.

Black and white meets a hip hop vibe. Also, props to Deena for wearing this for a yoga workout!
No Lululemon here kids.

Your very own Ruthie Darling
feeling the vintage vibe.