NYPD Community Affairs Issues Heat Advisory for NYC

What a scorcher! How much are you sweating right now on a scale of one to an ocean of sweat? A heat advisory is currently in effect for New York City and lasts through tomorrow, Thursday, July 7th, at 8 pm.

The combined effect of the heat and humidity is making it seem like it’s a grotesque 96 degrees outside. Go ahead and review our old article about opening fire hydrants in Bushwick this evening—the forecast for tomorrow includes possible thunderstorms.

Some informal tips for surviving the heat: Go in the bathroom of wherever you are right now and splash cold water on your face over and over. If you’re at home, run cold water over your feet. If you have AC, sit in front of it. Have a dinner of popsicles washed down by a pint of ice water. Drink so much water over the next day. If you must be outside for prolonged periods of time, put on a ton of sunscreen and suck it up and reapply it throughout the day: you do not want a sunburn on top of this heat. Have a movie night/day or watch an entire season of that show you’ve been meaning to check out.

Some official tips from the city:

If you see a pet or a child locked in a car, call 311

Stay hydrated

Check in on elderly neighbors

Limit strenuous activities; if working outdoors, take breaks

Stay in the shade when possible

Make sure you are ready in case of a power outage

More city issued heat advisory tips are available here.

Whatever you do, stay safe— and keep hydrated!

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