Have you seen a distinctive red splotched window peeking out from the corner of Noll St and Flushing Ave and wondered, in a King Noodle-induced frenzy, what the heck was that place?  The mysterious storefront holds the home of Bushwick’s newest, and possibly most stylish, tattoo shop. MEATTT, INC. It is the tatted-up baby of artist Marina Heintze, who uses the storefront as a tattoo studio and workspace where she bangs out gorgeous and admittedly quirky works of art for sale on paper, in frames, and for your skin.

Weekly Flash Tats for $75!

Marina, the owner and mastermind behind MEATTT, is covered in tattoos, slightly shy, and completely passionate about her business. Haling from NYC, she’s trained in the fine arts and has worked in many shops before decided to go out on her own. MEATTT is her first venture and completely decked out in her own style, which, like every adornment in the studio, is bold and badass, unapologetically bizarre and sublimely beautiful. Soon she will be joined by two other female artists to offer a few different styles, but for now, she works with any client that’s truly interested in her style to form the perfect design, including researching their background influences, sketching up options, and going through rounds of back-and-forth.

The typical minimum price for a tat here is $100, which you can make a deposit towards when you make your first appointment at the shop! Also wicked and popular are her flash sheet tats, sheets of hand-drawn and painted designs, all themed around that week’s inspiration. Whether that means Sushi Saturday or EASTER EGGZSPECIALE, you can get a totally quirky custom tattoo for just $75 on certain holidays and pretty much every Saturday. Steal.

If tats aren’t for you, there are still all sorts of MEATTT-themed goodies!

Inside the shop there’s no end to the number of MEATTT-themed decor to keep you busy perusing. One of the first things you’ll notice are the vinyl chairs, custom made and printed with all-original designs by Marina. There are books of tattoo inspiration including stacks of Craphound Magazine, which collages clipart from different eras in dense spreads. Sitting out are sheets of Marina’s own sketches, or “tear sheets” as she calls them, each themed by interest: sheets of cats wearing watermelons on their heads, a sheet of women emerging from or diving into toilets, seashells. On the walls are huge, framed paintings done with spit shading-delicate gradients formed by the artists’ own saliva. In the freezer case are the meaty goodies (ha)– stylized rolls of wrapping paper and tee shirts. Almost all objects are in the shop’s signature style, which is shaped-based, large, bold, patterned, flat, and in the black-and-red palette, which speak loudly to Marina as inspirational shades.  Every aspect of the studio’s branding, from the custom chairs to the marbled storefront, is part of her larger role as a quirky and intelligent artist and business woman within Bushwick. There’s also an adorable pup lounging about- Silky Sancho is a black pug which belongs to Marina and her boyfriend Jason Caceres, who runs Silky’s Screen Printing at The Loom. Before you ask– yes, she has tattoo’d a portrait of the pup, and, also yes, it was on Jason’s kneecap.

We’re sure you’re wondering about the name. Marina explained the Ink pun (get it?) and said she was generally inspired by the bold, marbled, toughness of meat, the heartiness associated the protein, and its reputation as a staple- a la “meat and potatoes.” As for the triple TTT, it was more a practical choice- she wanted consistency for the website, the LLC, and the storefront name, and adding two extra Ts was the way to go about it. But don’t get your consonants jumpled, it’s still pronounced like the one-T’d word. Her own favorite meats in the neighborhood? The Pork Betty from Momo Sushi Shack and the Vietnamese burger from Burger It Up!

If you love MEATTT’s bold and artful style, you’ve found the perfect place for a new bit of epidermal spunk. Stop by today!

MEATTT, INC. is located at 184 Noll Street and is open  Monday thru Saturday from Noon – 8 PM.

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