We’re wishing a happy Monday as you’re opening Bushwick Daily perhaps still hangover from an epic September weekend as first thing at your work computer (don’t worry we won’t tell the HR). You’re probably wishing this was just another Bushwick celebrity prank but nope, not this time. Miley Cyrus was indeed raving, twerking (of course) and shocking everybody (duh!) with her modest outfit at a secret Bushwick warehouse party organized by a party collective Club Shade hosted by Ladyfag late Saturday night/early Sunday morning.

Miley arrived as part of the entourage of fashion designer Alexander Wang of about 30 friends who hijacked the rave as an unofficial Alexander Wang fashion week afterparty. Miley was once again the center of the attention thanks to her wearing a set of ice cream cone pasties over her nipples and sunglasses decorated with colorful pills.

Pret-a-Reporter wrote yesterday:


“Look at you!” shrieked Wang when he saw Cyrus, before she stuck her tongue down his throat in a staged kiss, while friends and fans of the pair snapped pictures on their phones. Later in the evening, crowds circled Cyrus once again when she hit the dance floor to show off her trademark twerking.

And all good Alexander Wang parties have performances, even secret ones it seems: RapperTyga, who attended the show along with Nicki Minaj and Miguel, took the stage for the audience, which included models Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin, along with Ladyfag’s normal party crowd.


Miley’s Instagram documents the night abundantly too:

Miley feeding her friend a little paper, which we’re sure is not acid.

And a little video for a good night.

UPDATE: Head over for more photos to The Cut.