All photos by Gustavo Ponce for Bushwick Daily.

Nicka K has always been my favorite dollar store lipstick brand. Their colorstay is amazing, the selection of hues is vast, and it doesn’t dry out. So when I saw they released these new mood lipsticks for only $1, I had to try them out.

They come in three colors. A blue, yellow and orange. It was hard to pick which one to try, so I bought all three and invited Bushwick performance extraordinaire, Crimson Kitty to give these puppies a try. Check out the swatches!

As you can see, the first application was very sheer, and we had to do a few layers to really get a tint. Each mood lipstick had a pinkish hue to it. The first one Crimson tried was the blue, which came out as a baby-pink.

The orange had a tint of coral to it.

This is how it looked with only one application. It was very moisturizing. It seriously feels like chapstick, which is a good thing! But again, quite sheer.

The yellow was definitely the brightest, and most vibrant of all.

We both loved it! However, I ran outside without a coat for a few minutes to see if it would change color, and it didn’t which was kind of sad.

Between her awesome nails, hair and eye-makeup, the light coloring was the perfect compliment on Crimson.

The mood lipstick also stains pink on your lips. This is how it looked on Crimson after she wiped it off. Though not highly pigmented, the color sticks around.

So would I recommend the Nicka K mood lipsticks? Yes. I would suggest them if you’re looking for a moisturizing, comfortable, everyday sheer lipstick, but not if you’re looking for crazy colors, or something that will change hues. Check out some of Nicka K’s regular colors too. After all, it’ll only cost you a dollar!