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You’ve probably noticed the corner building at Thames and Varick while passing by on Flushing Ave. A missing letter from the sign outside causes you to see ‘Frame RT’. But despite the missing ‘A’- FrameArt NYC is one of the best framing shops around. We recently visited their store and talked with its charismatic owner, Tommy Hild, about framing, Bushwick and the local art scene. Up In Your Bizness is a new sponsored column focusing on Bushwick businesses; you’ve probably heard of them, but there’s a lot more you don’t know! Now let’s get up in their bizness…

Who: FrameArt NYC

Where: 147 Thames (at Varick), Bushwick

Contact info: 718-381-0300, www.frameartnyc.com

In business since: 1986, at current Bushwick location since 2006.

Core values of the biz: “High quality framing at affordable prices. We work with individuals, artists, designers, collectors and curators. After 28 years in business, I can tell you the key is honest treatment for everyone. Doesn’t matter who you are. We’ll even stay open late or come in on Sunday if you request it! On top of that, all of our products are locally sourced and our team of framers are excellent craftsmen who love what they do.”

Sweet deal for Bushwick Daily readers: 10% discount for first time customers who mention Bushwick Daily!


We asked Tommy Hild a couple of questions about his biz and life as such:

If an artist brought in a piece to be framed last minute for a show, what would you say?

I would be open to accommodating them. Art shows come first! Obviously there’s no guarantees, but if I can push back another non-urgent order, I might be able to fit it in. It’s the nature of the art world sometimes, so I do what I can to make everyone happy.

What do you think about the Bushwick art scene?

I remember back in the 80’s in the East Village, there would be art festivals. Every space on the block filled up with art. It was incredible. That’s what Bushwick reminds me of, especially during Bushwick Open Studios.


How has Bushwick changed in the time that you’ve been here?

A relative of mine- back home in Romania- he asked me about Bushwick real estate, he wanted to buy a condo for his son. I said, “You know what Bushwick is?!”

You can tell how different it’s becoming just by the way people dress. And not just here around the Jefferson L; all the way into Ridgewood. It’s almost like Bushwick is the new Williamsburg and Ridgewood is the new Bushwick.

What Bushwick shows have you framed recently?

We’re currently framing some pieces for Rafael Fuchs’s upcoming show.


What happened to the missing ‘A’ from the FrameArt sign outside?

Oh, that old sign- fell off a long time ago. Soon we’ll be getting a new, electronic sign so you won’t be able to miss us!


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