It’s Warm! Get Pumped With These Top 10 Music Shows this Weekend!

Are you PUMPED that it’s finally getting warm? Yeah, maybe it’s a little rainy, but that’s all part of spring on the upswing. What better way to rally in the gorgeous weather than to rock out at some rad shows?! We’ve crafted a list featuring a couple really great free concerts balanced out by some slightly pricier shows that are completely worth the extra dollarinis. You could pump iron so you could be as strong as JGL up here, but you’ll probably feel way better drinking some beers and getting down to some of your new favorite tunes.

#10 Relations, The Can’t Tells, Eldridge Rodriguez, Guillermo Sexo @ Shea Stadium (FRI 8PM, $8

Brooklyn three-piece Relations is having their album release party for their new record Songbird, which just came out Tuesday, April 1 and was NOT a joke! The beats are contagious with blasting synth sounds and spitting electronic drums. The vocals are a nice and echo-y, giving a perfect 90’s but not-too-90’s edge to Relations.  They will be playing with Bushwick-based band The Can’t Tells. The other two bands are joining them from Boston, so it’s bound to be an awesome night!

#9 Savants, Liquor Store, Worthless, Atlantic Thrills @ Death By Audio (SUN 9PM, $8)

Savants, an old school Syd Barrett throwback style band will be performing this Sunday in addition to Liquor Store whose melodic punk-inspired tunes are really fun to dance around to. All the bands playing this Sunday night are fantastic, AND there will be visual accompaniment by Drippy Eye Projections, which is one of the coolest ways to enjoy a show.

#8 Unsound Festival NYC: The Bunker Unsound Edition @ The Wick (SAT 9PM, $20)

This night is part of the Unsound Festival NYC: an extension of Unsound in Krakow, which focuses on exploratory music from an international network of cities. The festival, which is nearly a week long has shows throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan featuring a variety of genres. This show at The Wick is $20, which seems like a buncha bucks, but for live music & DJ sets all based around electronic music blasting from 9pm to 6am, it’s a pretty sweet deal. Featuring musicians and DJ sets from a variety of artists, coming from as close by as Brooklyn and as far away as Norway and Germany, this is a show that fans of electronic and techno music will definitely not want to miss. The festival itself is worth all music lovers to checkout and see what strikes their fancy. More info here.


Take a nice spring stroll just steps from the Morgan L stop to the DIY loft space Loftosaurus for a night of free experimental music, good people and an all around good time. It might lead you to being up til 4am buying a sandwich at Brooklyn’s Natural or working your way over to Tina’s. Trinity, Dublin is a new series on experiential music and thought provoking sounds. The lineup features Matt Nelson  (Tune Yards, Battle Trance) on solo saxophone and several other talented musicians and noisemakers.

#6 Relatives, Celestial Shore, Isaac Gillespie @ Manhattan Inn (THURS 9PM, FREE)

What are you doing Thursday night? Are you going to Manhattan Inn to this free show? If not then you better have a damn good excuse. Enjoy the minimalist, chilling folk songs of Relatives with their melding male/female vocals and the dreamy, experimental rock of Celestial ShoreIsaac Gillespie brings an anthemic, family style sound to the mix that should not be missed. This is a pretty great chance to see three fantastic bands for FREE,  and within the charming glow of Manhattan Inn, we would be idiots not to go.

#5 The Planes, Onesie, The True Jacqueline, Sunset Guns, Daniel Kasshu @ Matchless (FRI 8PM, $7)

Heart Bleeds Radio presents a rad showcase Friday night at Matchless. The first 45 people to show up get a free pass to next weeks show! Brooklyn band The Planes will be playing their lo-fi indie rock with catchy guitar riffs and emotionally charged vocals. The True Jacqueline is a Northampton-based art-rock/noise pop band whose intricate drum parts and interesting vocals are definitely worth checking out. Onesie, Sunset Guns, and Daniel Kasshu will also be playing; this show is bound to be super fun and full of spring-time antics like beer (spring beer, not winter beer).

#4 Arms, Unicycle Loves You, Gold Lake, Howth @ Shea Stadium (THURS 8PM, $8)

Another great Thursday show is happening this week. Mecca Lecca Records (Say that 3 times fast) presents a sweet night up of four really great bands. Arms‘ bright and distorted guitar parts and soothing vocals will leave you wanting to hear more forever, but don’t worry, there are enough good bands at Shea Stadium this Thursday that you will be fulfilled. Unicycle Loves You will have you dancing and toe tapping with their Cloud Nothings style, quick-paced rock tunes, and Gold Lake‘s beautiful vocals and dreamy/whimsical instrumentals will make you close your eyes and see sunsets. Perfect for the start of spring and any time ever. Don’t miss it!

#3 Yellow Ostrich, Pattern is Movement @ Bowery Ballroom (FRI 9PM, $15)

Yes, it’s at Bowery Ballroom, and yes it’s in Manhattan and costs $15, but Yellow Ostrich is super badass and Pattern is Movement is magical and dance-worthy. These factors will make up for all the other things that might make you think this is an undesirable way to spend your Friday night. But it’s just so good! Go against your instincts, walk over the Williamsburg Bridge, and rock out!

#2 Spirit Kid, Oceanographer, Dead Letters, Two Seconds to Midnight @ Radio Bushwick (SAT 7:30PM, $8)

Not only is the awesome and energetic Spirit Kid performing their fun-loving tunes, but also Oceanographer is playing a set featuring Mark Kelly of The Roots (WHAT?)! Come prepared for a lot of passionate musicians rocking out in the magnificent spot that is Radio Bushwick. Perhaps you can find a smaller person and do squats with them on your shoulders to the set of Dead Letters.

#1 Pictureplane, Logan Takahashi, Hollagramz, & DJ sets @ BIZARRE Bushwick (FRI 10PM, FREE)

What is Broke City you ask? Just a local DJ crew whose Facebook page promises to spin house, techno and sex. They are putting on this show late Friday night with Brooklyn’s Pictureplane, a DJ who spins a blend of music creating a super eclectic and dance-y set. Also spinning will be Logan Takahashi of Teengirl Fantasy and the artist Hollagramz whose sets are described as, “a refreshing blend of club ready beats and deep techno.” The show also promises a special guest, hopefully it’s Madonna since she’s already buying property here, maybe she’ll play a DJ set as well. Get pumped up for this ass-shaking, techno dance party and don’t forget to pay attention to the resident DJs from Broke City as well!

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