#BUSHWICKSTYLE: So. Much. Green.

photo via @jenakane

Hola chickadees! Hope you had a fantastic St. Paddy’s day full of luck and love and Jameson. This week on #BUSHWICKSTYLE I am bringing you ALL THE GREEN (but I don’t mean money, honey). I mean that deep emerald that everyone was wearing. And for those of you who are new to #BUSHWICKSTYLE–let me just explain this. Each week I give shout-outs to the best outfits and looks posted to Instagram in everyone’s favorite hood. So if you want to be featured, hashtag your photos with #BUSHWICKSTYLE, and check it out next week. <3 U.

This week Bushwick saw a lot of green eyeliner. Did I mention happy St. Paddy’s day? Submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE via @kevinpelrine

Telling you green-eyeliner was all over! Submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE via @emilyarupp

Just because Christmas is far behind us, doesn’t mean you can’t have a sweater party. Submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE via @datoquica

@dr3w_b just hoping for Spring with dem flowers.

Sometimes your foot tattoo just goes with your geo-dome, ya know? Submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE via @deathatseadesign

Oooh look guys…it’s me. I rocked a pair of ski goggles in that super cold day in order to protect my eye makeup. #thehustle @chixonthehud

That dress tho. Awesome styling. Submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE via @shaiiishaiii

A brown bag night out. Submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE via @kari_devereaux

Now! Let’s see what was on the #Bushwick hashtag. First up, these fabulous nails by @nailartbyrednail

That’s one stylish coffee ceremony at @bunnacafe

That’s one way to dress for St. Paddy’s day. via @hotsummer

@mariela_12 making her way to the bottom of the rainbow by train.

@msjcastro, having this dude’s back.

Take me with you! via @mykl2000

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