Major Awesomeness: Roller Jam in a Bushwick Warehouse

You’re going to have to wait till next year to experience the most amazing roller jam at a Bushwick warehouse! But hey, that’s a good thing because at least that gives you time to find a way to make friends with the cool ladies from Patina, a Bushwick-based décor, prop, and furniture rental studio that collaborates with NYC’s coolest event planners, film studios and photographers in providing the most unique props for rent.

“We offer many things and services our clients can’t find anywhere else,” Corrin Arasa, founder of Patina, told us. As their annual tradition, Patina, throws a big bad roller jam  for their friends, clients and supporters. “It started last year when we had just moved to our location at St. Nicholas Ave, and we didn’t have all inventory yet moved it. We were hanging out in the big industrial space drinking beer, and someone was like: You know what would be fun? A roller skating party here!”

Their first Roller Jam last year thus took place on St. Nicholas Ave but this year Patina gladly accepted an invitation from The 1896 Studios and Stages, to host their party at their impressive warehouse on Ingraham Ave. (Side note: if you’re like me, do you also wonder how many off the map film and photography studios are located in Bushwick warehouses and the amazing things that are happening there?!)

So despite the fact that this past Thursday was one of the meanest, coldest days this year, we braved the cold to experience the most amazing roller skating warehouse action ever! Patina really outdid themselves in their second year; upon arrival, I found myself immersed in a sea of people dancing on roller skates, fun music, drinks and pizza everywhere, and most importantly, a dreamy installation by The Color Condition. “All their pieces are for rent,” explained Corrin. “You can now have a museum pieces at your own party.”

Other local businesses participating at the roller jam included Roberta’s Pizza, Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck, Morris Kitchen, Clover Club, Sixpoint Brewery, The Bosco Photobooth, and We Love Photobooths. Check out the photos & video, courtesy of Chellise Michael Photography!

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