Courtesy Bike Stock

“Honey I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” — says your bike during a breakdown. Fear not! Bike Stock has arrived in Bushwick and riders can rejoice. Matthew von Ohlen and Joeseph Huba, co-owners of Bike Stock have installed a vending machine right outside the Morgan L stop that’s packed with essential bike tools, accessories and free air for anyone who needs a fixin’.  Can we get a “Hell yeah!”?

With currently one vending machine operating, Matt and Joe plan to open at least two more locations in the coming year. “This is the proof of concept, and it works,” says Matt. Bike Stock is two years in the making but couldn’t come at a better time when our community is often and unexpectedly left without the L train on weeknights and weekends.

Joe and Matt met while working at Calexico Greenpoint. After a ride to the Cloisters, they both realized their shared passion for bicycles. A turning point happened when Matt, on a solo adventure, found himself with a flat tire under the Manhattan bridge and had to walk two miles to find any sort of transportation. He eventually found a cabbie sleeping in his car and woke him up. When Matt told Joe what happened, they both decided the cyclists demand exceeded the supply. We couldn’t agree more.

Bike Stock’s location was the “biggest stall,” said Matt. With suppliers, budget and conceptual designs underway, they needed proof that their [genius] idea would work, so they scaled down their vision and put together a simple tool kit with tubes and tires. Their network eventually brought them to the prime location outside of Brooklyn Natural.

Courtesy Bike Stock


“We know we share our values with our neighbors and knew that we would be a welcomed addition to the neighborhood.” _Matt, co-owner of Bike Stock.

While Matt and Joe’s business ventures have just begun, the Bike Stock crew sure knows how to keep their adrenaline high. They’ve ridden down Powell Street in San Francisco on a fixed gear with no brakes, and favor riding off docks into lakes. With the right tools at your side, why not?!

Bike Stock is hosting a launch party in the back room of Pine Box Rock Shop on November 23rd! Stop by for a brew and a free dance show by Public Domain (a visual interpretation of bike tools through modern dance), and support bikes forever!