It’s the height of summer, so we took to the streets to give you another dose of Bushwick street style! Like Lena above, everyone we talked to was keeping it cool despite the summer heat.

 Palm Trees & Dylan


Name: Palm Trees

Where: Myrtle & Bushwick

What he does: Musician, makes “tropical black metal.”

Style: Pretty.

Favorite Piece: “My hat– it’s pretty.”


Name: Dylan aka Lil’ Baby Positiv

What he does: Musician, currently on tour. “It’s Nu Dpeth, positive, Jonas-y. I’m a teen heartthrob. A solo boy band. I’m sponsored by D.A.R.E.”

Style: Illegal/stolen.

Favorite Piece: The Slipknot shirt. “I thought it was over-priced, at this store in Williamsburg, so I stole it. The shorts are also stolen. The shoes are from a friend’s mom.”

Where they’re going: “To sit.” (We ran into them later– they were sitting on a stoop.)


 Name: Kari

Where: Starr & Wyckoff

What she does: Student Manager at Vogue

Style: 1940s/50s

Favorite piece: A scarf in the hair with pin curls.

Where she’s going: Going home after work.

Lucy & Chelsea


Name: Lucy

Burlesque Name: Titataluh

Where: Wyckoff & Starr.

What she does: Studies at the New York School of Burlesque.

Style: Pinup, Jessica Rabbit meets Betty Page.

Favorite Piece: The top, from Kelly Brooke, in her native England.

They’re coming from: Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos and Green Village Thrift Store.


Name: Chelsea

Burlesque Name: Foxx Von Tempt

What she does: Burlesque dancer at The Slipper Room and also studies at the New York School of Burlesque.

Style: Marilyn Monroe with modern touches meets Anna Dello Russo.

Favorite Piece: Her Keds from the 90s, bought at a vintage store in Chicago. Glasses from Mary Meyer by the Morgan stop.


Name: Renée

Where: Wyckoff, in front of Hanna Natural Foods

What she does: Designer of print accessories and bags.

Style: Mix and match prints.

Favorite piece: Shoes, by Yves Saint Laurant. “I’ve had them for seven years, and they’ve held up.”

Where she’s going: Location scouting for a photo shoot.


 Name: Allyn

Where: Kave Espresso Bar at the Loom.

Style: At work, conservative. Otherwise grubby.

Favorite Store: JF & Son.

Where she’s going: To a show at Schema Projects.


Name: PJ

Where: Kave Espresso Bar at the Loom.

What she does: Artist; makes her own accessories.

Favorite store: Jerkface.

Favorite piece: The hair ties she made herself.

Her style: “Alpha femme dyke butch.”

Where she’s going: To work, screen printing hats at Silkies, in the Loom.



Name: Alison

Where: Happy Fun Hideaway.

What she does: Works at Silent Barn.

Where she’s coming from: The beach.

Favorite Piece: Dress made by her best friend, who designs RHLS. Hat left by a band at Silent Barn.


Name: Phoenix

Where: In front of Molasses Books.

What she does: A children’s book author and illustrator.

Her style: “Whatever will let me breathe.”

Favorite Store: Beacon’s Closet.

Where she’s going: To a rooftop party.


 Name: Tom

Where: Dekalb & Hart

What he does: Oil painter. Hood Gandhy.

Favorite Piece: Pins from friends.

Where he’s going: Taking his radio home.


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